#CherishingMoments – Celebrating Father’s Day Today And Always – First Hero of Our Life


Many of us are close to our moms, as she is a protector and a life savior in all situations of our life. Have you ever noticed what your Father does for you? We always consider him as an Angry Man. But, that’s the other side of coin. If you would look back, you find one man who is Hero of your life. He is one person who will stand by your side forever and ever. So, let’s thank our daddy/papa or dad this Father’s Day for his unnoticed care for us.


For sleepless nights

Your father was vigilant even when he was damn sleepy and you were in the let the party begin mood.


For being your bodyguard

Let the war begin! Dad will find numerous ways to protect you against all types of evils and boyfriend.


For being your story listener

You can share all sort of problems and happiness with him and he will listen to them patiently.


For making you feel special

Yes! Daddy is the first man who makes you feel special unconditionally.


For teaching you for your prom night

And you don’t know how to dance!! Don’t worry; he will make sure you dance in a princess style.


For Serving as a guide to the outside world

He will make all the efforts for making you independent and chase whatever is impossible and let you dream large.


For Smashing You hard!!

We all have got beatings from dad for bad behavior, but he just want us to be on right track and discipline appropriately. Those were not beating but ultimatum and an eye opener.


For shelling out money

You will always be spending like a prince/princess, even if your dad has empty pocket, and you will not even get a clue of it.



For giving you strength

After a break up or problem in job, papa will always be there for supporting you and for saying “Forget it! You are born to deserve something better that that”


Your father is a role model in sculpting your life. So, go and celebrate each day as a father’s day with your dad.




She is an inborn artist full of creativity and has an adroit for suggesting poses for individual/couple photography and loves to try them on herself. Latest in beauty, fashion and trends drives her crazy. She is passionate about travelling, trekking, cooking and loves being a food critic in her circle. A dabbler in the field of writing but has successfully attracted people by writing personalized memories for friends and family upon request. She believes that Laughing in odd times makes the dark hours of life – a bit easier.


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