Children are God’s gift to this beautiful world. They fill human life with happiness, smile and hope. They are the future citizens of this country and a child’s future is determined by their childhood. They can make praiseworthy contributions to the world but it all depends upon how they are nurtured and groomed. It’s the duty of the Government as well as the society to nourish, protect and work for interests of children in India and make sure that each and every child is taken care of.

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Origins of child labor

As per the historians, industrialization is largely and to a certain extent responsible for child labor. But this shameful and heinous practice was present much before as well, in the form of child slavery. In Mediterranean basin there was custom to use children as charioteers, aides and armed bearers to the people elder to them. In India also children use to accompany and help their parents in household activities and agricultural work since a long time. So as we can make out that child labor is not something new and it has been there from ages.

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Child labor causes

All over the world, Africa is the number one country, which has the largest number of children working as child labor. India comes on number two, which is pathetic and definitely something serious needs to be done about it. Some common reasons for abundant child labor in India are poverty, over population, lack of education, illiteracy, cheap child labor, urbanization, etc. Some other factors, which promote child labor, are ineffective child labor laws, parental ignorance and lack of proper education or schools. 

A child’s mind and body is not fully developed to understand that they are being exploited and that’s why they themselves can’t do much about it. The thing that adds to the woes of poor child is that their parents themselves are uneducated and ignorant so they don’t understand the value of education. The industrial revolution has also contributed to the child labor problem because the companies tend to employ child in place of adults so that they can pay less and make more money.

The solution

There is no easy straight out of the box solution for child labor problem as it’s a long pending issue but steps are definitely being taken. Some of the steps could be compulsory and free education, poverty elimination, stopping child trafficking, strict labor laws etc. Poverty is the root cause of this problem, according to our view, and if that’s being taken care of then this problem will fade away by itself. Government should ensure that labor laws are being implemented and followed strictly while at the same time NGO’s should come forward and help in this social cause.

Our Contribution

We as the responsible citizen of this country can do our bit to abolish child labor from India completely. If there is no demand for child labor then it will end by itself. If we ban child labor in our shops, house and factories, support child education, asking our maids and workmen about their kids and their education, then it will be a big help. Rural India, where illiteracy and poverty rate is high, should also be taken care of by proper means.

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