How to Choose Shoes for Occasions – Complete Fashion Guide

Shoes are indeed a Girl’s Best Friend!!

Ever thought of your shoes as your best buddy? Yes, it sounds weird but shoes are your best friends. They are there with you to share your every moment. They are your shopping buddies, trek friend, partygoers, travel mates. All you need is a ‘Right pair’ of shoes for every occasion.

Most of the girls are crazy for footwear and have their shoe racks overflowing. But still, we get confused when it comes to selecting the right shoe for the right occasion. Let us together unfold the mystery choosing the right buddy for your beautiful feet:-

How to Choose Shoes for Occasions

Select Party Shoes for Girls

Parties are meant to flaunt and we all want to put our best foot forward. We have to select footwear depending on the type of party we are attending, hence parties are categorized as:-

1. Cocktail Parties

Shoes for Parties 1

Wear that beautiful cocktail dress with wedges, pump or a fancy sandal. You can also go for a loafer for the next cocktail.

2. Business Parties

Business Parties shoes

Go for some chunky heels, they will compliment your elegant dress perfectly. And yes don’t forget to try some bold colours to add some excitement.

3. Dance Parties

Dance Parties shoes

High Heels are a big no for dance parties. You need something comfortable in which you can be jumping jack when the beat sets in 😉

Select Shoes for Hanging Out with Friends

Select Shoes for Hanging Out with Friends

Enjoying your day with friends, light music, dance, food and drinks? You spend the entire day in the scorching heat of the sun so you got to wear something which is comfortable and cool.

A pair of sandal is perfect for the day. And if it is winters you can even go for ankle boots giving it an elegant touch. You can also team up your dress with walkable gladiators.

Select Shoes For Weddings

Weddings shoes

You don’t want to take away the attention from the bride, but little attention won’t harm anyone ;). Searching for the right pair of shoes for a wedding is like finding a job.

We recommend matching your attire with high heels. For those who are not comfortable in high heels can wear flat sandals (Note: By flats, we don’t mean flip flops.)

Tip: Go for stilettos only when you can handle how to walk on them.

Select Shoes For Casual Event

Casual Event

For casual event sneakers, flat shoes or ballerinas are a wise option. You can go for any colourful shoe to match your dress. They give a very fresh look to nail the event. You can also try the striped flat footwear.

So guys go grab your buddy and embark on a journey etching a memory to cherish forever!

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