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It’s Christmas time and everyone has started preparing for it. But a lot of us spend too much time doing a small thing or we are, a lot of times, stuck at one thing. Well, Metro Life has 5 easy Christmas DIYs that will make your life easier and more fun during this Christmas.

#1: Knit Coffee Mug Sleeve

Want to make your coffee mug look fancy this Christmas? Give it some clothes! You can make a woollen dress for your coffee mug in just 2 simple steps. For this you need a pair of scissors and a pair of old socks.

Step 1-

Take the pair of old socks and cut it from the neck, till the length of the dress you want your mug to wear.


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Step 2- Wrap this piece of sock around the mug. If the cup has a handle, give the sock a small cut on one side and pull the handle through that cut.


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#2: Fixing Fairy Lights

We all know that fairy lights never last long. They just work for 5- 10 days and then they stop working. This happens mostly because one of the lights stops functioning, and since the fairly lights are usually in series, the whole connection breaks and we have to buy a new set. Well, there is a way to make it right. You will need a voltage tester pen/ voltage tester screwdriver, aluminium foil from the kitchen.

Step 1-

Using the voltage tester, find out which bulb is fused and take out the upper glass part of that bulb.


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Step 2-

Unplug the lights from the socket and take a piece of aluminium foil and fold it into an oval shape. press the aluminium foil deep into the place of the bulb. This will help the metal piece inside the blub socket connect with the aluminium foil and it will allow the current to pass. Now turn the light back on and they will again start working.

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#3: Gift Paper Bow

To make a gift paper look fancy, you need a gift bow. And for this, you don’t have to go to the market to buy a bow, you can make it yourself. All you need to make a gift bow is an A4 sized paper, a pair of scissors, a pencil for markings and a scotch double stick sided tape.

Step 1-

Take the paper and cut thin strips out of it. About 9 strips of same width. 3 of the same length, 3 of a bit smaller length (about 3 cms smaller), 2 even smaller (about 7 cms smaller than the longest strip) and 1 smallest strip (about 1.5 cms smaller than the second last strip).


Step 2- Make the longest 8 strips into infinity signs and the smallest strip into a circle using the double sided stick tape as shown in the picture below.

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Step 3 – Starting with the biggest pieces; sack them on the top of one another in circular motion. Then take the circular piece and stick it in the middle of the bow as shown. And your homemade bow is ready!


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#4: Icing in Condiment Bottles

A lot of us use spoons for putting icing on our cookies, which many at times, messes up everything. What can we do about this? Actually, it’s very easy to set this right. All you need to do is follow this 1 step.

Step 1:

Take the icing from your bowl and pour them in condiment bottles. This allows the ice to give a cleaner and better finish. Now you are all set to decorate your Christmas cookies and cakes.


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#5: Lays Gift Wrap

Why waste money on gift wrappers when you can be creative sitting at home? Make your own gift wrap by following these simple steps.

Step 1- Don’t throw your lays packets once you finish eating. Instead, turn it inside out and clean its inner side.

Step 2- Now that the printed side is inside, you can put your gift in the packet and tie a nice ribbon to it for a good look. Your gift paper is ready!


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