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If you are big on clothes, shoes and bags there is a high possibility that your wardrobe is flooding right now! There are stacks and stacks of unused clothing and accessories lying down there. Well, Stylewhack comes to your rescue and helps you to get rid of the clutter. Say bye bye to the closet clutter and you can thank us later 😉

5 Things you should clean up from your closet right now –

#1 The Same Shirt in Different Colors

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We all do it! If we are comfortable in a tee, we go and buy the same tee in 5 different colors. But if you get all these tees out and check your trend – reality might be that you are wearing just one of these tees. So get rid of the others. There is a whole new arena of fashion to explore. Why limit ourselves to just one style?

#2 Those Worn Out Loose Bras

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We are not talking about the lacy intimate lingerie here. But yes, the bras which you have over worn and they no longer serve the purpose. Clear your closet off with all those hanging over worn bras or the ones which you don’t wear anymore. More so take good care of your existing bra collection to increase their life – not folding them, not drying them in a dryer etc.

#3 Anything which you haven’t worn for the last 6 months

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Science says if you haven’t used a thing in the last 6 months, the probability is that you won’t be using it anytime in the future. So go to your closet and dig out all your clothes, shoes and bags which are lying in the corner unnoticed. Donate them off and make space for new things in your life.

#4 Too Small or too Big Clothes

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Yes, just keep the clothes which fit you perfectly. Get rid of all the closet clothes which are ill fitting and make you look shabby. Sometimes we just buy a dress bigger than our size because we love the print. But then we never wear it. Forget the price to such dresses and clear all too small or too big dresses from your wardrobe.

#5 Those Things which you said you will Repair and use but haven’t

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Do you have a dress that has a small tear and you promised you will stitch it up and wear it again? But you never did that! Or that shoe which you said you will get it’s heel repaired. What about the bag with a broken buckle? Yes, it is time to collect all these things from your closet and bid adieu. If you haven’t repaired them till now, you will never get onto it. So the best way is to clear it off.

Let us know how useful were these tips for you in the comments below. So what is the first thing you will getting rid of from your closet?

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