Dear world, this generation isn’t afraid of commitment in love and here’s why

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How many times have we heard people say, “This generation just cannot stick to commitments” or “These kids have no value for love and relationships”. Let’s just say we beg to differ. Calling us commitment phobics isn’t going to help. It isn’t even making a point because let’s face it, we aren’t afraid of it.

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You see us changing partners every now and then. You see us flirt with every other good looking person. You see us buying drinks for someone we just said a hello to. You also see us open to dating and relationships. And you simply judge us.

What you don’t see is how we never say never to love. You don’t see how in spite of being heartbroken, we still look for someone. You really don’t see us talking to friends about love and the kind of partner we want.

You don’t ever see us alone on the nights where all we look for is a shoulder to cry on. You judge us but you don’t see us and that is exactly why you are wrong.

So here’s the deal about commitment!

Dear world, while you think we are afraid to make a commitment, why don’t we just shift the perspectives here? Most of us want to commit truly, with dedication, love, care, comfort and most importantly, confidence.

If we decide to commit our time, we want to do it with someone who really means a lot to us. Yes, sometimes we fumble and we fall, but we never call it a mistake. We simply believe that it wasn’t meant for us.

But we never lose faith in love. We never give up. Our commitment with love is on-point.

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Commitments are for all relationships. We would brace the storm for our parents, beat the hell out of the boy who hurt our friend, give a shoulder to that one person who really needed it. We care and we are here.

Don’t prove us wrong just because we dated one too many people. We were just looking for the right one and we will keep doing it until they finally knock us out of our minds! If chaining one another in a relationship is what you call commitment, sorry you have got it all wrong. We beg to differ!

Let us love the way we want to

Yes, there are a lot of us who are only looking for physical intimacy. But that is how we have made a commitment with our bodies, with our inner self. Why will you not consider it? Because it only makes that one person happy? Since when did personal happiness become so undignified?

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Our ways are different, our charms are cute, our love is fierce and our belief is strong. We believe that every love teaches us something. We do believe that we will keep looking until our eyes meet our soulmates.

We are not scared to believe in happily ever afters, we believe in counting the stars, we believe in taking long walks, we believe in being cheesy. We are not scared of commitments, we just do it our way. We don’t do it your way but you don’t get to judge us for that.

We deserve love, we all do.

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