Compliments For Men To Make Them Feel Special

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Compliments for men may sound different and new. It is widely seen that women are the sole receivers of compliments from their partners. But why should the girls have all the fun and attention? Don’t you think your man also deserves to receive compliments from you as and when required? He is your person and always there for you. So, you must make him feel special, just like he takes the initiative to make you feel loved. Heartfelt and honest compliments from you can truly help nourish your relationship with your guy in ways unimaginable.

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How Important Are Compliments For Men?

Men, just like women, are sensitive human beings who need to be reassured that they are wanted and loved by their partners. In a relationship, men are always expected to be expressive and are under pressure to always keep their women happy using words of flattery. But in today’s era, the tables should be turned and women should be convinced to change this trend.

  • Praises that genuinely appreciate the character and inner spirit of men help boost the confidence and self-esteem in men
  • Compliments from their partners show men that they are being admired for their efforts and gestures in a relationship
  • Men can stay away from feelings of insecurity due to the praises from their loved ones
  • Praises from their partners can help men maintain a long lasting, healthy and prosperous relationship with them
  • Men are as conscious of their physical appearance as women. Therefore, complimenting men on their looks allows them to be more courageous and creative in terms of how they dress or do their hairstyle
  • Compliments remind men of why they were chosen by their partners and why their partners were attracted to them

Sweet Compliments For Guys

You must definitely be puzzled about how to compliment a man. But it is really simple if you don’t make it fake. It will actually be very impressive if you don’t fake it and just present your feelings as they are.

You must be thinking about how to compliment a guy on his personality, and how to compliment a man on his dressing, then do check out the different things you can say to your guy.

  • I Love The Way You Think

Rather than going to war with who is ‘right’ in the relationship, reward your partner for the way they think and problem solve.

  • You’re an Incredible Father

Although this compliment often goes to moms, most men take pride in their fathering skills and appreciate the recognition. Hearing what a great dad he makes him want to be an even better dad. Complimenting his nurturing skills and his tenderness with his children will warm your man’s heart in all the right places.

  • You’re Such A Good Cook!

Guys want to know that they are able to contribute and provide for you and, sometimes, they need reassurance that they have.

  • You are the luck of my life

Well, if you think that you have hit the jackpot when it comes to love life and relationships, then share it with your man. Tell him that you value his contribution towards your blissful life.

  • You make me feel cherished and safe

It is natural for your man to be protective of you and cherish you, as you are the most important person in his life. So make sure you remind him that you love being in his protective presence and truly appreciate it.

  • Your sense of humor is commendable

Men love making their loved ones laugh. So if your guy takes the effort of making you laugh and you do find it funny, then do not avoid complimenting his sense of humor.

  • Your professional skills inspire me to work hard

Acknowledging the professional skill of men is essential because once they feel confident in their professional life they can lead a better personal life as well. Thus, complimenting men through text or face-to-face about work accomplishments should be given priority by women.

  • You are so handy!

Just like they love to be manly protectors, they also love to be handy. (They are technically SAVING us from something we couldn’t do, like fix a broken faucet or change the tire on our car.) He will love hearing how handy he is- it simply uproars his ego!

  • Any lady would be lucky to have you.

If you’re not yet his lucky lady, let him know what a catch he is. It’ll boost his confidence while also letting him know you’re interested.

  • I love how you listen and respect me.

Every woman wants to be respected. It’s a fact! This lets him know that he’s doing a great job in the respect department and not to change a thing.

Good Picture Comments To Say To A Guy

So, here we present you some of the best beard compliments that you can say to your man with a beard.

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Funny Compliments For Guys

  • You’re so hot, I want to bake cookies on you.
  • I feel bad for people when you walk in the room because your face makes other faces look ugly.
  • I don’t know how I would get the pickle jars open without your big muscles. And we both know how much I need my pickles.
  • Luckily, you’re not a drug, because I would be a nasty addict and you’d have to pay for rehab.
  • Even if I were allowed to marry food, I would still choose you over pizza. And that’s saying something.
  • I think the hardest part about being your friend is pretending as though I like my other friends as much as I like you.
  • If the last two people on earth were us, I would have no problem repopulating it with you.
  • You inspire me and most likely strangers. Also, friends and stalkers. You are the inspiration to many.
  • You are so beautiful I would certainly steal your photos, make a fake account and impress people online.
  • You’re like the one sock that disappears. I don’t know what I did to lose you but I want you back.

So, begin your trails and impress your guy.

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