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The essence of love and romance when jotted down on a paper turned into a creative masterpiece as a romantic novel “CONNECTED. By You. For You.”. The writer ‘Preetesh Mishra’ is a pharmacist by profession, but his zeal and passion is writing. He scribbled and scratched papers to pen down a beautiful love story.  His pacy writing and simple English connects to the heart strings of readers.


We had a stately interview with the author, where he unfolds about himself along with the book, his interests and much more.  Know more about the young and dynamic romantic writer who will surely connect with you with his sizzling answers.

Who is Preetesh Mishra?

I am yet to define myself !!!

Some people may look at this answer as an opportunity to give birth to the millionth opinion in their minds, in order to put me in the list of unorganized individuals. I look at it from a different dimension though. I believe in living spontaneously rather than knowing the perfect me. So Preetesh Mishra cannot define himself. I leave it on people who come across me or my work to define me.

Which book inspired you the most and why?

I think as an individual you must love the output, to like a process which results into that output. All the books that I have read inspired me to read. When I started loving this new habit of reading, I realized that I would like to write.  So, it was not a particular work but, every book played its part in inspiring the writer within me.

What inspired you to write CONNECTED. By You. For You.?

A pair of eyes.

Did you always wanted to be a writer?

After reading 8-10 books, I always wanted to be a writer. Never before that!

Your first book is a love story. How different is this book from other love stories?

I believe love has different dimensions to it. And believe you me, all the dimensions are yet to be explored. This book deals with the grit of a heart in love, which decides to metamorphose some predictions into a destiny of its choice.

Tell us about Aakash and Anika, the main characters in your book.

Aakash, a serious bookworm at home, becomes a careless boy at the hostel. However, the actual Aakash gets revealed as and when you go deeper into the story, to make you fall for him. Eventually you will come out of the book with an opinion that Aakash was THE MOST healthier character in terms of mental strength.

Anika is someone who speaks through her act and not through words. The rare use of emotions in her words makes her a ‘reserved’ natured girl. The fact that she does not make her feelings obvious may annoy you as a reader and as an Aakash of such Anika. She gets apprehensive not very frequently, but if and when that is the case, the apprehension would be worth a consideration.

What does Preetesh do on a Sunday when he is not writing?

I fall prey to music.

Who was the first person to read your book and what was their reaction?

My first editor, Ms. Rashmi Kokardekar. She appreciates me quite rarely, even though I know she likes my work. So very Anika like!!!  After she read my book for the first time, she expressed her happiness for my writing skills, not before pointing out some genuine mistakes. That is when I had decided to appoint her as the editor.

What are your future literary plans?

I want to publish a book on my shayris (poetries in Hindi and Urdu language) and then may be my second novel.

Any message you would like to give to our readers?

Being a writer, I would request your READERS to keep reading. While romancing books, if they come across my CONNECTED. By You. For You., I am very sure every Reader will get CONNECTED with my Anika and Aakash. I wish to hear every view about my book, as their views will motivate and improve the first time writer within me!!!!


Surely, you are connected with the promising romantic writer, to know bits and pieces of the love story of Aakash and Anika in Connected. By You. For You. Read more about the romantic book. ‘CONNECTED. By You. For You’ is a top-selling book at notion press is a must read romantic novel.

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