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Did you know teenagers often say they have strong and positive relationship with their parents—even when their parents think the relationship is struggling? Let’s look into this article why a good conversation is important with your teen child.

Teenage time is when they become more independent; often spend time away from home. You might sometimes feel like your child is less interested in having any conversation to you. But you need make an effort to maintain a strong positive relation and try to stay connected with them. Here are few of the considerable points you need to check out

  1. Give them prior notice

Tell them ahead of time about timing and topic that you want to discuss with them. Also, you shouldn’t expect him to show up to the conversation first. Try to bring yourself first; start with casual talk and slowly to the point.

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  1. Keeping it casual let you stay connected

Do you know that casual conversation is a way of using everyday interactions? It helps to build closeness and positive relationships. The best opportunities for casual connecting are when your child starts a conversation with you—which means he’s in the mood to talk. While conversation stop doing you any extra side work and concentrate on what they are saying; focus the moment. Try to give them full attention them because showing interest may encourage your child to expand on what he or she is saying.  You just explore his views, opinions, feelings, expectations or plans.

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  1. Listen without condition

Yes, this point is necessary when having any conversation with your teen child—try not to put condition. Learn to listen without judging them or correcting. Try to catch their point what exactly they want to say or if there’s problem they are facing through understand those expressions.

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  1. Scheduled for your teen

Hectic busy life may make it difficult to spend fun time with your teen. So, for that you really need to unpack yourself from busy work. Schedule a time together be with them and just follow what they wanted to say and follow her lead if playing an interesting game. Let them feel you are enjoying their company.

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  1. Keep things clear

When speaking to your child it is important to keep things clear. Try not to force your opinion when they ask for. It is because when you do they feel like no conversation is important in such situation. Rather than listening and understanding words you might lose your connectivity doing enforcement.

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Well, there are many other things to know but the above are few basics to understand and follow. Oh! Yes, most importantly do not compare your child with other children this could take his brain to negativity and feel sorry for not doing any next conversation.

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