It is all too easy to use that make up brush and let it weave its magic onto your skin. Make up today has become such an essential commodity in our lives for people of all genders. We are constantly on the lookout for newer options every day. While we do know names of big brands and the color palettes that they offer in eye shadows, lipsticks, eye make up etc, the lesser known reality behind them is Cosmetic cruelty. If you don’t know about this, scroll ahead!

Animal Testing
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What is Cosmetic cruelty?

How bizarre would it be if we say that most popular cosmetic brands today test their products on animals? Well, to burst your bubble, it is not very bizarre. In fact it is the harsh reality of the cosmetic world.

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In order to make sure that the cosmetics that these brands produce are safe for us humans, these are tested on animals. This process is also called as vivisection. If this wasn’t cruel enough to read, the procedure isn’t very charming as well. These poor animals are rubbed with these product chemicals, sometimes even their eyes are exposed to it. Further, they are also force fed certain chemicals to check for reaction.

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Thousands of tests are conducted by each brand every year. And no, these are not just any brands, they are huge players in the industry that include Olay, Neutrogena, Garnier etc.

Do we really not care?

It is easy to see that these tests safeguard us humans from the possible chemical reactions from cosmetics. But, are we really so insensitive to use it on animals just because they belong to a different race? Why is it so easy to accept that they are living beings as well. Cosmetic cruelty is a lesser discussed topic and it is definitely time to take a stand.

Cosmetic cruelty
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What we as consumers can do is to boycott brands that conduct animal testing. We need to make informed choices that are sure bring a change in the scenario of Cosmetic Cruelty.

If you have any ideas on how we can help stop Cosmetic cruelty, drop your comments!

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