Well, someone had to give some insider info on this The Right Way. So, after a lot of mulling over whether I want to sound diplomatic and wise, I’ve decided to spread the wisdom gained over the years from this side of the table! I’ve tried to cover some tips and information for both freshers and experienced professionals who are looking to ace their interviews the next time around!

  1. The first and foremost thing that we observe in a candidate is their body language.

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Even before you get around to uttering a word, your Body Language starts talking a lot. How earnest/ interested/ sincere/ enthusiastic are you – A lot of this is conveyed through your body language.

You would be interested & surprised to know of the research findings conducted by Mr. Albert Mehrabian (Professor Emeritus of Psychology, UCLA). Body Language is accountable for ~55% the overall communication that happens in a conversation, followed by tone of voice (~38%) & finally the actual content of what you speak (at ~7%).

So, get the basics right. Here are a couple of points to help your case:

-Start by sitting right (don’t slouch/ fold your legs), rest your hands on the table if it is comfortably close or keep them on your lap, maintain an easy posture & have a slight slant forward. This expresses interest in the conversation

– PLEASE limit your hand and arm movement. Yes, it is good to use them to convey a point sometime BUT let it be natural. Do not keep flailing around & certainly do not try it if you are not used to doing so in your everyday conversations.

– DO NOT keep fidgeting around with a pen/ your hair/ paper weight/ your CV. You may end up coming across as a restless soul, and trust me; you do not want this going in your records!

– Flash your Pearlies the right way! Certainly not too much, you do not want to cross that line & come across as a weirdo. But a no smile is also a NO GO. We do not want to onboard someone who is grumpy & miserable! Keep it right, smile at the right moments and exude confidence (even if it’s taking time to build up inside!)

You know more… When you KNOW MORE!

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This is the next important step. The least we expect out of a candidate appearing for an interview, is they come prepared with basic homework on the organization, the kind of services/ products/ consulting etc the organization is into & how do you see yourself fitting in there.  It need not be an intense research from your end, you need not know the whole wide scope but knowing a bare minimum will certainly score you brownie points. The company’s website is surely going to give you key insights into the organization work & culture.

So park that Facebook aside for a minute & open the company website instead!

If you are interested in the opportunity, show that you’re worth it!

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OK you may not be in the L’Oreal Advt. to prove this, then how do you go about it? Make a point to show the interviewer that you will be willing to put in your heart & soul if you’re recruited.  You can show your earnestness by asking the right questions to your interviewer. Get to know more about the culture, a day in life at work, organizational achievements etc.

MOST important is for you to not come across as a rigid & uptight interviewee. Express your willingness to learn & the flexibility that you possess. This is very important to convey to the interviewer that you may actually deserve this job!

Think This Through

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Before you appear for the interview, make a mental note of the points you’d like to cover during the course of the next 1 odd hour of interview.

The direction that an interview takes, rests to a large extent in the hands of the interviewee. You need to start talking the talk in the areas where you possess most confidence.  Do ensure you steer the interview sometimes to your strong points so that the interviewer can be made aware of it.

While Joey (of FRIENDS) may have got out lightly by bluffing on his CV about his FRENCH speaking capabilities, it need not work for you. Please be honest of what you mention in your profile – you ARE going to be quizzed about it! The minute you start stuttering and looking around while answering certain details from your own resume, we as interviewers surely get a sense of foreboding – This ain’t going well!

So, there you go – Some of the main tips have been covered up here! Hope this, along with your domain expertise helps you in succeeding that interview & landing the coveted “Dream Job”!

All the best, you guys! Do let me know how you fare!

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