Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Home Without Spending Money!

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Having an own home for themselves is definitely what everyone wishes to be. An individual strives a lot to get a home of his/her own in his/her lifetime. It takes a lot of the person’s efforts, hard work, money to own a home. And some creative ideas in decking up the house can make it a home.

If anyone thinks owning a house is the end of the story, it’s absolutely the beginning of the story as it depends on the individual that how he turns that house he bought a home that satisfies the needs and requirements of all the members of that house.

The hardest fact that everyone should know about owning a house is that one can’t always afford for the decors of the house.

Here comes the need to encourage the creative person in you and design your interiors creatively by spending nothing.

Creative ideas to decorate home without spending a penny

Art Board

You might be having some favourite quotations select one and it’s time that you can add style to your home. Using your creativity you can make the artboard with your favourite quotes, here are some ideas you can follow

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Vintage Painting/ Photograph Storage

Get out of the box and think creatively, use your vintage paintings or photographs creatively and turn them into storage sets by giving them a simple twist. All you have to do is just use your painting or photograph as a cabinet door to your storage cabinet of the same size and your new cool looking storage cabinet will add a new look to space.

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Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

We must be having a number of mason jars in our home. You might have seen many DIYs with those mason jars, but here today you can make the boring dish wash soap dispenser look so cool with the help of this mason jar. All you have to do is just make a hole on the top of the mason jar on its lid and insert the dispenser pump of any old lotion bottle you have at home and trim the bottom of the pump to the size of your jar. Happy Washing!!!

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Embroidered-Hoop Photo Frames

This idea is very much simple and you must be having unused embroidery hoops at home. Turn them into stylish looking photo frames. Choose a hoop that is slightly larger than the photo and fit in a fabric in the hoop and cut away the extra fabric. Now paste the photograph in the centre of the hoop with the tape on the four sides of the photograph making it look a frame.

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Light stand with concrete blocks

You just need three concrete blocks to make a really interesting nightstand for the bedroom. You can in your own style and also make it with a storage compartment like the one below.

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Picture Wall

Don’t allow your wall to look dull and empty, just try arranging the photographs you have of yours in a pattern you like and make your home look stylish and cool.

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These are just some ideas we have put together to initiate that spark in you. You can think and get many such creative ideas.

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