Date night ideas: Perk up your relationship with these 16 romantic plans

date night ideas

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Hey guys! Are you looking for some creative and romantic date night ideas?

Want to get out of the house for a romantic date??

Plan a simple yet amazing date night with your beloved and spark your relationship. From foodie date night ideas to romantic scavenger hunt and from long bike rides to stargazing for nature enthusiasts, we have rounded up some great plans for you.
Here are few on the go date night ideas for you to get inspired and popped up

Creative Date Night Ideas

1. Dinner At An Expensive Restaurant

Quite often special occasions require celebration at an exclusive restaurant. Some good restaurants require prior reservations. Getting a table booked at your favorite spot might ask for patience. But you can be sure to have a lovely date night and impress your spouse.

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2. Play Games At An Arcade

Playing games can be a lot of fun. You may be gambling at the casinos, but if you want no risk and all fun date night ideas arcade is the best option. You may put your hands on amazing games you haven’t played before and experience the thrill.

3. Tour To A Brewery

Schedule a visit to a local distillery or brewery or vineyard nearby. Many vineyards have private wine tasting tours and they accommodate couple who are seeking to spice things up for the night. Different spirits, beers and vine elevate your mood and can be followed by a private dinner.

Date Night Ideas 2

4. Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

When you’re travelling, do a quick search on the web to find out various companies that offer horse-driven carriage rides. Some agents might offer special discounts and offers like a champagne toast or blanket on a brisk day.

Added bonus: It’s a cool way to tour a new city with your partner.

5. Watch The Sunset

Sunsets are the most romantic moments to watch and spend with your date. Bring with you some fresh fruits, cheese and wine to snack on. Take a glance at the picturesque view and cherish your memories.

Date Night Ideas 3

6. Go Stargazing

While watching the sunset can be romantic, witnessing the starry sky can be more interesting and innovative. Set up a tent in your backyard or any stargazing spot, get under the cozy blankets and stare at the stars as you sip some hot coffee.

7. Attend A Festival Or Free Event

Many places host various musical or art and craft events weekly or on weekends. Book your tickets in advance to celebrate a fun-filled weekend date. You can also attend seasonal festivals and music concerts in your neighbourhood. Cultural events or food festival can too be great date night ideas.

8. Camp In Your Backyard

This is one of the easiest and cheapest date night ideas you can choose. Clean your backyard, set up a campfire, grill some BBQ and roast marshmallows, knock down some homemade wine and dance to the tune of campfire songs. Spend a romantic date night outdoors with your better half.

Date Night Ideas 4

9. Go To The Opera

Trust us when we advise you to visit an opera!

If you haven’t been there yet, you have missed a unique cultural experience. The Opera began in Italy and soon spread through Europe like wildfire. It’s about a story put forth like a musical play.

It’s worth impressing your spouse at the special night!

10. Try Martial Arts Classes

Have you always wanted to try something different??

Let’s be honest!

There are many times you don’t like the quiet candlelight dinners or stargazing nights. Then why not try taking a martial arts class together. Believe us, its gonna be serious fun. Plus it’s going to perk up those naughty nights!!

11. Take A Bike Ride

A bike ride is always adventurous when you explore the woods or the mountains. Pack some snacks and water with you so you can relax and satiate yourself on the way. Biking is a lovely romantic experience to ignite the sparks of your relationship ones again. Plan your timings to witness the setting sun. You may also consider hiking or running if your dating a runner!

Date Night Ideas 5

12. Movie At A Drive-In Theater

Bored of watching movies at the theatre around you??

Search the web for drive-in theatres and go retro with a romantic outdoor movie experience. If the theatres are far away, all the better! Long evening drives will give you more quality time to spend together.

13. Scavenger Hunt

Love to solve the cues?? It’s time to create a scavenger hunt play in your courtyard or throughout the city (for a full day date plan). Rack your brains and create cues that will transport you back to those golden days and special moments.


  • The place you first met.
  • The spot of your first date.
  • Your first gateway outdoors.
  • The place you proposed your spouse.
  • The first apartment you’re moved in together.

This affair will make your spouse fall in love with you all over again!

14. Watch Your Wedding Video

Give your Redbox and Netflix a night off and take pride in watching your home videos for inspiration. Play your cards right and you can pull off this simple date night ideas very well. Grab your wedding video CD, keep a bottle of chilled champagne, and the same flavor cake as of your wedding ready. This evening will unwind, reminisce and enjoy watching the beginning of your journey together.

Date Night Ideas 6

15. Home Cooked Candlelight Dinner

Going to restaurants may be quite normal for you. Now, it’s time to put those cooking sessions to the test. Try some special recipe for your partner. You may be a good cook but not getting time to play around in the kitchen. Add some candlelight’s, fragrance and fancy dishware to the mix; this should be one of the easiest date night ideas.

16. Take A Dance Class

Learn salsa or tango with your spouse! Taking a dance class can turn out to be very romantic and fun-filled. Alternatively, put on your sneakers and work it up at the gym.

Dance class at a gym??? Yes, you read it right!!

Zumba classes will help you sweat your calories while enjoying the dance.

Date Night Ideas 7

Spice up your free evenings with these amazing date night ideas!!

Do let us know which one is your favorite!!


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