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David Beckham, the footballing legend and UNICEF ambassador fights against Child Abuse by starring in this thoughtful video for UNICEF. He got himself tattooed, not for his fans this time, but for this serious video which refers to the scars which some children are marked with when they are sexually and mentally abused.

Watch the powerful video of David Beckham here –

The horror of child abuse in 60 seconds is covered in this video.

Tattoos with some serious and thought invoking messages –
UNICEF End Violence campaign
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Beckham on ending Child Abuse –

 I made a commitment to do everything I can to make the world a safer place for children and to speak out on issues that are having a devastating impact on children’s lives. One of those issues is violence.”

UNICEF Executive Director, Anthony Lake –

 Violence and abuse take a terrible toll on children’s lives and futures – harming their bodies and undermining their emotional wellbeing, even interfering with their healthy development of their brains.

After a research by UNICEF –

190,000 children revealed that 28% of children think their parent commits violence and 9% think it is their teachers. It also revealed that after every 5 minutes, a child dies as a result of violence.

The issue needs some serious attention and awareness must be created through short films like Bachpan  and this tough video by spreading it on social media worldwide. Not just spreading the message but doing what one can do to stop the child abuse. Start small but dream big!

A brave step by David Beckham towards creating awareness through this crucial video! 

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