A lot of talk is on about minimalist lifestyle, yet we remain to be people who love hoarding. We read that very little is needed to have a fulfilling life and yet we surround ourselves with heaps of unnecessary stuff, materialistically and spiritually. A generation of confused people, that is what we are popularly known as. We make simple things difficult by over thinking or sometimes overdoing. I can’t help you with the “why” because I think there can be million reasons and more why people feel the need to de-clutter. But I can definitely share “How” and “Where” to start de-cluttering. I haven’t achieved the goal of complete de-clutter but what’s important is that I have begun.

So here we go, my complete, unabridged train of thought to de-clutter life-

  1. Wardrobe

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Yes, I am going to begin with the holy materialistic grail. EVERYTHING that you have not worn, looked at, lent to anyone else in the past 1 year, just take a bag and throw it out. You can always donate some of the decent stuff you own. Believe me, you will be sad about your dear departed ones for less than a day. That’s a boon of our generation, we attach and detach pretty quickly. So a journey of complete de-clutter begins with a single wardrobe.

  1. The second mountain is a tad bit more complicated than the first. The next area of work is our home. The place we call ours, the only place we find peace. The place we are most comfortable. So what is it about this place that requires clearing?

De-clutterAsk not what others want from your home; ask what your comfort is. Bring me one person who thinks that their idea of comfort is sparkling white upholstery for all their seating with each and every square inch of their home filled with souvenirs from all over the world. So the motto here is, stick to what brings you comfort and I bet all of you will come up with simple, calm and breathable homes for yourselves.

  1. Interactions

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We all are stuck in patterns when it comes to how we interact with others. We maintain an image, be it sporty, bitchy, intellectual or impulsive. When was the last time you surprised yourself by breaking out of your traits. And breaking out of one’s traits doesn’t happen automatically. You have to work towards it. As children we are good at making friends because we have nothing to lose and as adults we accumulate so much that it creates walls between us and the world. Go out there, make friends who don’t speak the same language as you, who challenge your beliefs and those who bring newness to your interactions.

  1. Aaaand it’s time for the big guns, the de-clutter of the mind.

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I want to share one simple quote I read recently- “If I asked you to name things that you love, how long will it take for you to say your name?”
In a world of bad news our brains have also become factories of worries and hatred. How much energy is spent daily on thinking negative thoughts?  Though, the worst part is, we think those about ourselves. We belittle, we criticize, we argue and we tame out little hearts. But very seldom do we consciously admire, love and appreciate it. For all its strengths and weaknesses. We expect others to love us unconditionally but do we offer ourselves that. We look in the mirror day in and day out to find what we don’t like about ourselves. And yes, negative thoughts begin with concrete physical attributes and shift towards subtle abstracts of the mind. We all have insecurities and our own demons, learn to dance with them. We are bound to fail a couple of times like all learning . That just makes us better at the art.

So let me share what I have been doing for some time now. It’s a simple thing, I wake up every day and before I get down from my bed, I think of ten things I am thankful for in life. Its cliched and works wonders. Start from the basic things that you can see around you and over time you will see your thankfulness shifting to other areas of your life. You will begin to notice things just so that you can include them in your morning routine.

As I said before, I am no expert. I am just one tiny person trying to keep this world loving and beautiful, one thought at a time.

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About The Author
kalpita-kshirsagar Kalpita Kshirsagar is a teacher by profession and an over-thinker by choice. She loves to simplify things.




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