Dear Zindagi Life Lessons

Dear Zindagi is an endearing movie which touches the delicate subject of mental health and counselling. We have seen India’s poverty problems in films and yet the issues of the prosperous strata stay under the covers! But Dear Zindagi breaks that with it’s story of Kaira!

Dear Zindagi brings a lot of life lessons and here are the top 6 lessons – 

1. Sometimes Just Stop and Breathe to Enjoy Life’s Smallest Pleasures

Go and hug the tree once in a while. Stop and smile back at the kids going to school. Just sit under a tree and enjoy the full blossom of flowers. Dear Zindagi teaches us to do just that!

Dear Zindagi Lesson 1

2. It is good to feel the pain and grief

We need to acknowledge our pain and grief in life. Keeping our feelings bottled up with a smile on our face is not the best thing to do. It is fine to let those tears make way and feel the pain and sorrow.

Dear Zindagi Lesson 2

3. Stop Judging Yourself and Others Too

Kaira thinks people feel she is a ‘slut’ for being in and out of relationships. That judgement damages her confidence. How easy it is to label someone? But the real test is when you stop judging yourself as well as others and let everyone be!

Dear Zindagi Life Lesson 3

4. You don’t have to choose the difficult path always

Yes, we are so conditioned by our upbringing and the society that we always choose the difficult path. ‘The sense of achievement comes with a difficult path’ is a notion so ingrained in us that we make easy solutions into difficult manifestations. Why choose a difficult path always when we have easy way out too?

Dear Zindagi Lesson 4

5. It is OK to ask for help

When you are suffering from mental illnesses, it is OK to ask for help. Talk to your inner circle of friends and family. If required take external help of a counsellor. But do what it needs to be done to come out of the mental illness.

Dear Zindagi Lesson 5

6. Don’t be in a relationship if you are suffering

There is no joy in being in a relationship if you are suffering. In the long run it will haunt you. It is always better to opt out of such relationships rather than silently suffering. At least let your partner know about the suffering.

Dear Zindagi Lesson 6

So have you watched the movie yet? If yes, what were your life lessons from Dear Zindagi? Let us know in comments below.

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