Debunk Stereotypes: Because Change Comes From Within


We live in a world where stereotypes have attained an enormous place of its own. It’s hard to say that people accept stereotypes as facts. The question is-Who is at fault? The fault is undeniably ours because we are the ones who form such stereotypes and we are the only ones who can break these.

Get rid of the narrow mindset people! Bid adieu to stereotypes and open your mind and thoughts!

Yes, I am a Bihari and I am proud to be called as one.


Bihari StereotypesBiharis are misconstrued as people without manners, bad orators, illiterate, and the ones with worst fashion sense. Well, these stereotypes need to be broken. Biharis are smart, intelligent, cultured, expressive, educated and have a great taste in fashion. Just because one is a Bihari, this doesn’t implicate that he will be stereotyped under false facts. “Ye toh Bihari hai, English mei kaise baat karega?Well, Biharis can speak six different languages including Bhojpuri, Magadhi, Maithili, Angika, Bajjika and Santhali. So, before calling a Bihari as an uneducated person, get your facts checked.

My Girlfriend has had a sexual intercourse before. Will this stop me from marrying her?

Women are referred to as perfect if they are virgins. Do women need such character certificates of perfection? “I can’t marry her as she is not a virgin”, really? Let us debunk this stereotype. A man can definitely marry a woman who is not a virgin. When a man who he is not a virgin doesn’t face consequences while marrying then why should a woman face those? After all, it is a choice. 

 I am a Punju and I can pray at Masjid.

Religion StereotypesYou can’t go to Masjid because you are a Punjabi.” Where is it written that Punjabis can’t go to a Masjid? Let us puncture this entrenched stereotype. God is one for all. Therefore, one can go to the Masjid and pray irrespective of the religion.

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 I am not a virgin. Does this really bother you?

Virgin Stereotypes

Yes, I am not a virgin”. So what? Will nobody marry me? Will I be considered as an impure woman now? Will I be labeled as a slut? Let us explode this stereotype. A woman is a human being and she can have sex as per her choice. Who are you to label her? Virginity should not be seen as one of the most vital things about women. Female virginity shouldn’t be given undue importance while the men get off so easily.

I am a girl and look, I can drive very well!

Women StereotypesOhh! Look at that badly hit car. The driver must be a woman.” This stereotype needs to be broken. People often say that women are meant to do household chores, and therefore have nothing to do with the machinery. Thus giving rise to this useless stereotype. According to the sources, men are much more prone to accidents than women due to increase in alcohol consumption, not wearing seat belts and usage of phones while driving. Mind you, people! Think before you call a woman, a reckless driver.

 My Best friend is a guy and I don’t sleep with him.

Guy Best Friend StereotypesLook at that girl hanging around with that boy. She must have slept with him.” This stereotype needs to be smashed. A girl is not sleeping with every other guy she lingers with. A boy and a girl can be best friends and there is no need of stereotyping this fact.

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I am a Hindu and I am not committing any crime by marrying a Christian.

Inter caste marriageWhat’s with the religion? Do human hearts come with a tag of caste? Society must know that marriage is based on faith and not religion. It’s ironic that two people get in love and the whole society starts finding illogical reasons of not getting into inter-caste marriage. Inter caste marriage is the most beautiful thing as people get the chance to serve different cultures.

I am a homemaker and I take it as my responsibility.

House husbandSome men love doing laundry, cooking, child rearing and other domestic errands. Doing what you love will not alter your gender. Society must realize that people can lead flexible lives wherein they are free to decide what role they are comfortable in. Homemaking is a part of the responsibility that everyone must regard.

It’s high time that these stereotypes get deflated. Were you the part of any of these stereotypes? If yes, then do tell us in the comment section below.





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