Before we get to the Gen Y, let’s address the different generations (Generations are loosely termed to be different sets of people who were born around the same time-frame with access to relatively similar environments) & understand them better. For the purpose of simplicity and relevance, We’ve listed the most popular generations below & the characteristics they are seen to possess in common:

Baby Boomers

Gen Y

Generation X

Gen Y

Generation Y / Millennials

MillenialsWhy this brouhaha about GEN Y these days?

GEN Y will be the most crucial link at work (and at play too, for that matter!) in the current times. So, there is a need to understand their way of working and living better. And if possible, also to take a leaf or two from the pages of their books!  GEN Y is famous for being “infamous” and there are many judgments passed about them without really an attempt made to understand them better.

While it’s extremely important to evaluate individuals on their own merit & NOT on the generation they belong to, I’ve tried to list down some of the most distinctive behaviors about GEN Y & why it may not be such a bad idea for the other generations to imbibe those too –

They are not scared to ask what they want

While we already know that GEN Y are extremely smart and creative, what also works for them is their UNABASHEDNESS. They do NOT hesitate to ask what they want, what they feel they deserve & asking that to the right person (even if the said person is several levels above them in age / seniority). These guys know to speak their mind out and question norms & regulations if they do not see the logic in them.

Gen Y
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Their work-life balance is admirable

They are fun loving folks. These guys know how to put in their best in their work gear from Monday to Friday. And they can also be seen hitting the pub down the street first thing on a Friday Night! TRUST ME, this does not take away from them the fact that they are extremely hard-working people. They do have a very strong sense of work ethic, but maybe not exactly in the 9 to 5 way that the other generations has lived and worked by! Work-life balance is respected the most by Gen Y. And in fact that is one of their top rated priorities at work!

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They Understand Gender Equality

HANDS DOWN, you’ve got to give it to them for understanding Gender Equality in its true essence. Most GEN-Ys have been brought up in a diverse environment. It does not even cross their minds to differentiate jobs / assignments on the basis of a person’s gender. This also reflects in the fact that many of the GEN Y men are happy to not just help around at cooking at home, but sometime even ace the ladies of the house at it. While many women also get to be the main breadwinners of the family! There is a huge paradigm shift happening with this trend, and it’s certainly for the good of man & womankind!

Their sense of social responsibility

GEN Y comes across, on first looks, as people who are obsessed with the idea of “being IN / being cool” and high maintenance. But truth be told, these are also the people who have a strong sense of responsibility towards their community & giving back to society. This reflects in the number of youngsters joining NGOs / volunteering outside of work hours to help the society these days.

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They are the masters of multi-tasking

The technology that they’ve grown along with has enabled them to be that way. They are smart workers and can find out the right short-cuts & concentrate on getting the right results faster. Millennials utilize Social media to its fullest extent. GEN Y works best in teams and many of them have also perfected the art of collaboration with their peers. And if this helps them in hitting the pub sooner on a Friday Night, then – Why the hell not?

Most GEN Ys are flexible and adaptable to fast changing environments.

In-fact, they welcome change. It helps break the monotony & challenges the limits set. This, if identified and utilized in the right way, becomes an asset to any team that they work with!

Gen Y
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GEN Y are also known to be the biggest risk-takers.

They are willing and eager to take on risks – even at the risk of failure. These guys do not see it that way – They instead considered it a learning opportunity!

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Now,while this post has listed down many of the positive behaviors of GEN Y folks, it’s also equally important for these Millennials to know what they can learn from the other generations.  Learning has to be both ways, you see! J

I will look at addressing this interesting aspect in my next article!!

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