Decorative dazzling Night Lamp with Gems and Coins


There are many lamps made with balloons or plastic balls, but here is a differently made night lamp with an interesting twist. This brand new experimental lamp is made with plastic ball as its base. Total cost of this lamp would range from Rs.750-800 and if you perfect it you can sell it for Rs. 2000-2500.


Time required:- 36hours

Materials Required:

  • 4 Aluminium wire coils ( Rs. 80 approx.; 025inch.65mm  i.e. 22gauge- that could be easily weaved without breakage)


  • Glue gun available at craft stores (Rs.250 approx & Temperature- 40 Watts AC 110V-230V)
  • 6 Glue Gun sticks (Rs. 90)


  • 4 packets of Glass gems (Rs.200 approx.)
  • Small One rupee coins or old coins (Rs.50 approx)


  • Fat Transparent Tape (Rs.20 approx) & Scissors (Rs.20approx)


  • 1 medium size plastic ball. (RS.30 approx)
  • Black Marker (Rs. 20approx)
  • 5 watt CFL bulb with a holder attached to a wire & plug.


  • Take Plastic ball & mark horizontal & vertical lines (eg: – #) in a circular fashion. 1.5cm approx. should be the measurement of the square formed. (plastic ball shown in diagram below)

IMG_20141118_195205431-(1) IMG_20141118_195154520

  • Then transparent plastic fat tape is stuck from inside, so that glue part of tape is stuck on weaved wires.
  • Then aluminium wires should be used to make 3 layer wired (two) circles of diameter 4.5cm & 10cm (so that your hand and CFL bulb could go through the bigger circle).
  • Then put these two circles on the opposite ends of ball and attach both ends with wires. Wire should fall on the drawn vertical lines.
  • Next you weave through the vertical wire in a horizontal fashion & keep making a “r” as shown in the diagram below. Wire should fall on the drawn horizontal lines. Vertical wires will be inside the loops as shown below.
  • On completion of step 4, take scissor & burst the ball and remove it gently (Check pictures shown below).


  • Gems and coins are then stuck from above the weaved model (as shown in the picture below). Tadaaa….here it is our beautiful night lamp.

IMG_20141212_185911740 IMG_20141212_185833356


  • Buttons, pistachio, plastic bottle tops, plastic spoon, etc. can be used instead, as these things are easily available at home. But gems & coins are used to give amazing reflection in night.
  • Hot glue gun used in this project doesn’t stick glass gems & coins strongly, so high temperature hot melt glue gun that sticks glass gems & coins more strongly should be used.
  • Wires should be weaved strongly & tightly.
  • CFL and LED bulbs (preferably of mixed colours) should be used instead of those yellow bulbs. As traditional bulbs get really hot and might affect or melt the plastic sheets inside. Gaps in between glass gems & coins can be filled with ceramic cone or colour can be added to it with the help of nail polish.

LED bulb with four colours is used in picture shown below.


  •  CFLs high rays don’t give a better light effect. For better glass effect, drape a cello tape on CFL bulb and put a red colour nailpolish for better glass effect.

IMG_20141212_171135074~2 IMG_20141212_190239450IMG_20141214_215035151


  • Instead of this model, a round lamp can be made with glass fish bowl.
  • Weaved wire model can be shaped in any form for eg:- square, rectangle, diamond etc .

Enhance this lamp with a brand new twist and comment in the box below with pictures and procedure; because experiments always give a new twist to life.


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