A city where “powerful is strident and powerless is silent”- Delhi never shies away from being in news – be it for good or bad reasons. This political powerhouse has been the subject of debate for more number of wrong reasons than the right ones. Adding to the long list of abominable reasons, the capital added yet another incident defying all odds in favour of humanity.

Recently there was a video doing rounds in YouTube, bandied upon by collection of news channels, of a man hit by a small lorry in the wee hours.

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If observed from an indifferent perspective then it’s just another accident added to the infinite list of accidents in the country. What astounds the human conscience is the aftermath of the accident. In normal scenarios, after an accident the person at fault gives first aid to the person injured and takes him to the nearest hospital for further medical attention. Even if it is a hit and run case, the bystanders or the people witnessing the accident rush forward to help the victim. It is beyond belief that in a city of millions there is no one who can reverse the negative impression cast upon by the recent spate accidents-be it brutal rape, murder or accidents on the road but the scary picture of the city has been reinforced yet again by this incident.

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Shameful Act in Delhi

In this particular case, the man was hit and dragged up to few meters. The auto driver comes out of his vehicle, instead of checking upon the man lying in pool of blood and give lifesaving aid, he checks his vehicle for any damages and leaves the scene of crime as if it was routine for him. What a shameful and egregious act! This savage tale of atrocity does not end here, in the next instance a rickshaw puller crossing across the scene of accident stops a few meters ahead comes back to the man on the brink of death and steals mobile phones lying next to the man. An act beyond comprehension! Scores of people pass by the spot but none dares to be a “human”, all have lost their humanity in quest of struggle for life presenting a grim reality. An act demanding answers!


As the day grows older, the man loses his battle for life failing this city of power and crime. A city inhabited by merciless robots who do not care a hoot about others, a city where a help from any quarters seems to be a distant dream, a city where humanity has lost its footings. This particular incident offers another chance for serious introspection as to where are we heading to. Is this the way this city -where decisions of national importance are taken but no importance is given to the life of fundamental element of a nation should behave. Another reminder to the sorry state of affairs was the declaration of “reward for helping the victims of road accidents” by the govt. of Delhi. A questions needs to be asked here. Does it require monetary reward to revoke humanity, compassion and empathy in citizens of Delhi? It seems that we as citizens of this country have become used to opprobrium that comes with each of such a disgraceful act.

Where are we headed as humans? Isn’t it time to change our outlook and at least do the bare minimum to qualify as a ‘human being’?

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