Do you wish to get attention with your fragrance choice? Do you wish for real long lasting fragrance? There are an array of deodorants present in market and for sure advertisement of each one claims that they are best. On our hunt to find perfect range of deo was one for few weeks and tested more than 15 top brands used in India.

So what did we find out? Check out our review

Brand Name: Denver

Product: Black.Code Deodorant

Packaging: Metal container with twister cap

Cost: ₹199


  • Denver Black.Code specially designed for men. It has enigmatic fragrance and notes of masculine tempo.
  • It’s Power Last Technology and rich fragrances indeed deliver long lasting fragrance. Fragrance is mysterious and makes mark of your presence.
  • Best part is its twist cap, which surely helps to keep bottle intact and holds back the fragrance till the bottle lasts.

Buy Now: Combo Pack for Just ₹350 and Single pack for just ₹199


USP of Denver Black.code deodorant is that it is seductive as well fresh! You will make statement wherever you will go. It has an unforgotten scent of enigma and manliness.

  • Seductive Fragrance
  • Long lasting because of Power last technology
  • 10 hrs lasting fragrance and freshness


  • Fragrance stays decently strong for 8 hours and then starts to fade, but it last more than 10 hrs

So, grab your pack and enjoy the fragrance. You can also try other fragrance from this series.

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