What do you do when you see a near and dear one is a little sad? You ask if everything is alright with them. What if they say, ‘I am OK’. Do you just take that answer and move on? If yes, you might be not seeing the early depression sign in your loved ones.

This advertisement by The Live Love Laugh Foundation by Deepika Padukone drives a valid point back home. Ask again until you get the right answer.

This video on depression might open your eyes and get your thoughts moving –

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It feels good to talk about the turmoils inside. Let it pour out. But we don’t do that always thinking we might burden our loved ones. But let’s talk about it NOW.

If you see someone rather silent or not their old self, make them comfortable and let them speak out. Depression is REAL and is out there spreading its fangs in our fast paced high demanding world. Give a listening ear to the ones who need it and let them talk about it. Ensure our loved ones are ‘okay’ in the true sense.

Be vigilant and take steps before it is too late. Look out for your near and dear ones. Ask again – Dobara Poocho!

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