Say No to Depression – Simple Steps for Peaceful Living


It is easy to make out if you or your loved one is going through a difficult phase and is getting caught in the webs of depressions. The signs are subtle, but a near and dear one will definitely be able to recognize the early signs of depression. Signs of depression mainly include loss of appetite, loss of energy and feeling tired all the time, feeling guilty or worthless or random thoughts of suicide.

If you or your loved one are experiencing most of these symptoms, it is important that you consult an expert Counsellor forgetting the stigma associated with mental disorders. Here are a few ways you can do to reduce the intensity of depression, but please remember a professional’s help is recommended at all given times.

Talking it All Out

It is difficult during depressions to go out and socialize, lest just talk to people. Human interactions are to the minimum and this is what aggravates the problem. But one needs to give oneself a little nudge and talk to at least your near and dear ones. Let your loved ones know what you are going through. We do not need solution providers here but we simply need good listeners to make the depressed person feel their voice is being heard. Talking to real people helps lessen the depression intensity.

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Daily Dose of Sunlight

Gloomy weather and dark rooms just do not help you to get rid of your depression. Instead make it a point to at least have one daily dose of sunlight i.e. getting outdoors during the bright day. While you are out, you will meet some new people and just being in a social environment will help to alleviate your depression levels to some extent.

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Support and Healthy Relationships

One of the most important aspect of getting out of depression is cultivating healthy relationships. If you are not comfortable with your relatives then join a support group which will get you connected with fellow folks who have gone through this evil phase of depression. Listening to their success stories will make you realize that you are not alone and that depression can be cured. Just go online and look out for support groups near you to help you heal faster.

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Keep Yourself Occupied

Do what you love and try to keep yourself occupied instead of being overwhelmed with all the negative thoughts all the time. Doing what you love also increases your serotonin levels which helps you to be happier. Don’t just sit in one place and perpetually ponder about bad things and negative thoughts. Read a book, paint a picture, cook a dish or just hang out with friends.

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Enough is written about the advantages of exercise, especially during depression. You don’t have to go and hit the gym or do 20 sit ups at one go. But start small. If you are sitting in one place for more than an hour, just get up and take small walk within the house. Put on music and just move your legs and hands a little. Take your pet for a walk. Or simply move your hands and feet while you are sitting. Do some movement at least rather than just sitting or sleeping.

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Eat Healthy and Sleep Well

When you are depressed, the least you can do is avoid all the junk food and eat healthy. Try and have more fruits and vegetables and stay away from processed food. Foods which are easy to digest are the best during this emotional turmoil phase. Also, try to get at least 8 hours of sound sleep every night to have a better next day. Put yourself to sleep by using essential oils or just some soothing music.

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Please remember, whatever you do it is always advisable to seek professional help and get rid of the depression fangs under expert guidance.

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