Despicable Me 3

They made us roll on the floor with laughter, their ‘banana’ language sent a shriek within us and their awesome team work made us go gaga about them! Yes, yes we are talking about the crazy gang of MINIONS! Well they are back along with Gru and Lucie with a bang – Despicable Me 3.

Take a look at Despicable Me 3 Trailer here – 

This little over 2 minutes trailer is a movie in itself! The trailer concentrates on Lucy and Gru and we just see a glimpse of the minions. But we know the riot of minions will be soon in the upcoming trailers.

The movie is directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda along with co-director Eric Guillon. The groovy script is written by Cinco Paul & Ken Dauri.

We also hear that we might be seeing Gru’s long lost twin in this new movie – Dru. Dru will be a look alike except for a luxurious head of blond hair as compared to Gru. Seems to be an interesting twist. Right? It would be great to see the dynamics between the two brothers.

We had a hearty laugh singing Happy Birthday with the minions and Gru while watching this trailer. And well we cannot wait to meet head on with Balthazar Bratt. How about some dance moves with Balthazar?

So are you ready to groove to the music with ‘Grucie’? The Stylewhack team is all set to be a part of the minion madness yet again. The movie releases June 30, 2017 and we can’t contain our excitement till then! How about you?

What is your favorite Minion moment? Tell us in comments below.

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