Pregnancy Detox Guide For Your Body-Soul And Healthy You


Are you planning a baby? Are you ready for it? Just don’t plunge into pregnancy, pre-preparation is necessary. The state of your health at the time you conceive is going to be the state of health of your baby too.

The rate of miscarriages has increased drastically in the modern world. Also, the children are facing life-threatening diseases like cancer and diabetes at a very tender age. The environmental pollution has increased and the atmosphere is not pristine anymore. Heavy metals and toxic chemicals get fat solubilized and are transferred to the babies. The mobilization of the toxic metals is high in pregnancy. Hence, detoxification of the body is necessary before pregnancy.

The female partner is not getting pregnant alone, so is the male partner. The father’s genes are transmitted through sperms and hence detoxification of your partner is also necessary for a healthy child.

Detox With Whole and Organic Food

Green leafy vegetables and high fiber content in the whole grains helps in cleaning the gut and the internal system. Regular consumption of these products increase bile production rendering the liver to eliminate harmful toxins accumulated in the body. Food like broccoli, spinach, lacto-fermented food, organic berries should be consumed for great results.

Pregnancy detox

Drink Juice

Juices from veggies and fruits help to remove toxins from body. Juices are a great way to obtain nutrients for the body. Red raspberry juice helps to strengthen uterus wall. Also, juice fasting can be done for 3 days to shed some extra weight. Fruit juices contain high amount of sugar, so if you are diabetic or don’t want to increase blood sugar levels then go for green leafy vegetable juices.

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Detox Bath

Hot Epsom bath and sea salt helps to remove toxins out of the body via skin through the process of osmosis. Magnesium flakes or baking soda also helps to remove unwanted toxins. Soaking for about 30-35 minutes helps to cleanse the system. Start with hot water and eventually end up bathing with cold water.



Herbal Detox

Herbal detoxification is recommended before conceiving as the healthy internal organs free of toxins will be able to tolerate the stress of pregnancy. The herbs like turmeric, ginger root; peppermint helps increase bowel movement and also purifies blood.  Medicated ghee is also administered for detoxification process in Ayurveda, for which consultation with doctor is recommended.

Healthy Pregnancy

Miracle With Water

Drink plenty of quality water, as water acts as natural purifier of the body and removes the toxins and waste through urine and sweat.

Pregnancy detoxification

Detox Your Mind As Well

If your mind is not stress free then your body will act in negative way. Sit, relax and meditate. Couple meditation works well.

meditation and pregnancy
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Before you get pregnant eat quality food, till the time you cannot sleep anymore and enjoy sex till you are totally exhausted and you drop down. Avoid smoking, liquor and drugs. Eat healthy, exercise and live stress free and don’t forget to live endlessly before you plan. You can read about 10 symptoms of pregnancy.

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