Place to ‘Diggin’ this weekend in Delhi!!!!


Ever since I became a lifestyle blogger, my Expedia has always been on two most important factors, one being the curiosity to know more about the culture, and varsity of different things this world has to offer, and second is the food. It’s essential, it’s needful and it’s an art. I call it an art because what it does is magical and more than a power excellence! This weekend Stylewhack comes up review of one contemporary restaurant in Delhi named Diggin…Spoiler alert – it is gonna be really yummy affair here!!!  

While you’re in Delhi, you are lucky to have a variety of options laid in for you to see and explore different cultures and cuisines by grabbing the opportunity to lure upon. This time my nose for food, and happy feet took me to a land of awesomeness and paradise of taste. If you’re in a need of getting fresh and are willing to look for a good ambience to please your distressed soul, then this is for you to try the ‘DIG-IN’ this weekend.

The Prime Location
Set amidst the city, situated opposite the  bustle of Gargi College, this place has got all that you possibly could be looking for. Situated at Anand lok, New Delhi Diggin is a cafe which runs with it’s lovely and delicious Italian and continental cuisines with the best ambience you can ever have for your lunch, hang out or even a get-together. Lovely walls, glorifying shelves and an atmosphere to cool you, after a weekend so hectic.

The Experience
By far one of my favourite experiences I had since, I started eating for my soul Expedia. My day started well with their well to do presentations on the wall, the serene look and the never forgetting decor. This place is a haven for the people who are bored of regular clubbing, and bar life. The taste experience had an offering from their heavy 8-page menu which was handed over to us.

The Food – That is what matters!

The tasting started with the Feta cheese and apple salad which turned out to be an avid delicacy to make you hope for much more to look forward.

d5a3387eaf8761a0db5ab6ffcde6569f_1466358776Amongst their pizza offerings, we ordered for Chicken & Jalapeno pizza, and a Margarita which turned out to be tasty and filling for two.






Another order which we placed had a mushroom risotto and grilled vegetable skewers. They tasted perfect which was proven to us after we learned that how rapid they came and were finished in a go!

e65f55a4c2afbbbe9af92081cfc4fe85_1466367410Burgers being one of my favourites, I consumed their healthy and vegetarian Garden Burger, it’s taste lasted until the end of our experience which was accompanied by their cucumber and mint smoothie.

5118624b56b8bba4afec4caae0e794bc_1466358776After all, what’s life without a tasty food! The taste fair came to an end with the arrival of the dessert which happened to be Gelato and Mango Cheesecake. Their extravagant taste was my best experience, considering others who offer the same.

ebc0c1a687fe11de6b2b826f371b76b4_1466358775Overall, a good ambience, tasty food and lovely service we can say that a good getaway deserves a good food, and there’s nothing better than the Diggin to be at this weekend.



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