Come Diwali and your home will be filled with guests. Andheri waale chacha ji and family, Delhi waali stylish cousin and of course, the ever so complaining aunty will be at your doorstep before you even realize Diwali has arrived! Your home is going to be filled with laughter, exclamatory remarks, loud music and what not. If you have decided to not burn crackers this Diwali, then pat yourself! But if you are wondering what else you could do to have fun then fikar not, we’re here to your rescue (as always). Gather all your family and friends, turn your living room into a Sooraj Barjatya film inspired set up and play some amazing indoor games.

If this idea has completely won you, here are some the games you can play and have loads of fun right at home!

Lekar Prabhu ka naam, Antakshari always!

No family get together is complete without some serious Antakshari that will have you wanting to sing all the songs you have ever heard of till date. Every Antakshari becomes a question of life and death, so this time, get yourself well prepared!

Funny Games
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Game of the Queen- Carrom

You will never love the color pink as much as you do when you see it sitting right in the middle of your carrom board. You put all your energy into grabbing her and declaring yourself the King. Carrom board games are sure to energize your Diwali.

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Dumb Charades for all the intelligent ones (and others)

Dumb charades is a game that every family swears by. It will have you making your own sign language which nobody would be able to understand. Also if your boyfriend/girlfriend is sitting right there, try getting them to guess some cheesy movie title!

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Unpredictable Passing the parcel

This one is straight out of Hum Apke Hain Kaun where they pass a cushion around. If nothing else, you could at least here some family jokes, get the complaining aunty to dance and ask your parents to propose each other. Sirf game hi toh hai bhai!

Song games
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Funny Musical Chair

This is very much similar to passing the parcel but when it comes to seeing your relatives fight over chairs and watching aunties refusing to get up from the chair even while the music is on, this game is sure to make your Diwali memorable!

Indoor Games
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Play some rounds of Housie

If you don’t want your living room to end up look like an earth quake just went by, seat all your guests and hand them housie tickets. Go ahead and play some rounds until all your gifts have been given away to enthu souls!

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Let the games begin!

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