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Marking the transition from sweltering summers to chilly winters, fall is a season loved and celebrated delightfully. The falling leaves while the temperature changes show awesome spectrum of colors which are pleasant to the eyes. It’s time to bring fall into our homes. Fashion your home with these easy DIY fall craft ideas and get your kids hooked to these creative projects. Have fun making some attractive fall decorations and liven up your mood this cooler season.

Fallen leaves, pinecones, gourds, pumpkins, ribbons, birch bark, nuts and mason jars are a few motifs you can use to decorate your homes for fall craft displays.

Mason Jar Fall Candle Holder

Make a lovely mason jar candle holder with a maple leaf cutout in no time. This DIY project is simple and requires minimal tools to make.


  • Choose a few mason jars – same or differently sized.
  • Take a maple leaf cutout of adhesive vinyl sheet and paste onto the jar.
  • Now paint them with acrylic paint of your color. You may require 2-3 coats to completely cover the jar. Give drying time between coats so that the paint doesn’t chip and fall off.
  • Take off the vinyl leaf and touch up the rough edges, if any.
  • Add some corn kernels inside and place a votive candle in it.
  • Finally finish off the art with ribbon or twine round the top of the mason jar.
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Colorful Yarn Pumpkin Fall Craft For Festive Homes

Involve your kids to help you with this easy to make fall project. Yarn pumpkins make your home look festive this fall season.


  • You’ll require some colorful yarns, balloons, glue and a pair of scissors to make these yarn pumpkins.
  • Cut out some pieces of yarn about 36” in size each. Larger yarn lengths might get tangled in the glue so smaller cutouts must be used.
  • Anchor half blown balloons on your window sills or frame so that they are mid air. This makes yarn wrapping easier.
  • Pour out lots of glue in a bowl and dip the yarn one at a time in it. Pass it through the tines of the fork to remove excess glue from the yarn.
  • Wrap yarn around the balloon and make sure the ends are secured properly.
  • Repeat this procedure with all the pieces of yarn.
  • Let the glue dry. It takes about 24 hours for the yarn ball to become firm. Burst and pull out the balloon.
  • Make pumpkin stem and twines using pipe cleaners and tuck them in the balls. Lovely and cute yarn décor for fall is ready!
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Rustic Pinecone Welcome Fall Craft

This fall welcome your guests with these pinecone rustic wall hangings.


  • Make this wall hanging using pinecones, silk ribbon, glue gun, and scissors.
  • Take 6-8 pinecones to make the cluster for the wall hanging and attach each to 2 foot long pieces of silk ribbon. You can select any color for your ribbons. Use glue gun to adhere cones to the ribbon.
  • Collect all the cones and tie the ribbons together in a slip knot. Vary the lengths of the ribbon so as to stagger the cones at different heights in the cluster.
  • Trim the ends at the knot to get a uniform effect and hand the wall décor on the finishing nail.
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DIY Maple Leaf Bowl For Table Centerpiece

Hold some candies and goodies in these amazing leaf bowls to bring in the spirit of fall inside homes.


  • Here too you’ll need balloons, some maple leafs and glue.
  • Blow a balloon upto a desired size and stick on the maple leaves to half of its surface.
  • Let the glue dry completely before you burst out the balloon.
  • Your leaf bowl is ready in a few quick steps. It just requires more time drying up.
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Super Hoot – Creative Wood Slice Project

This is an adorable hoot for your fall decorated homes. It’s an easy craft project for kids too.


  • Paint up a slice of wood in a darker tint and let it dry.
  • Paste a branch of tree at the bottom of the wood slice and arrange the cutlery as shown in the image. Glue them all together to give a 3D look.
  • Hang the hoot up some surface and enhance the artwork by decorating some colorful twig cluster next to the owl.
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These are just a few creative picks to decorate your home this fall!! The possibilities can be endless – get inspired, get creative today!!

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