DIY Floating Candles for your Beautiful Home



DIY Floating Candles for your Beautiful Home

Are you a Candle lover? Do you wish to spend a romantic evening with your loved ones? Or do you want to surprise guest with your incredible skills of decoration? Well I have a lovely idea to make your dream come true! When it comes to candles you can find an array of categories from colorful to aromatic, different sizes and shape candles. Where as you can also make them at home. For this occasion of Christmas you can make your own aromatic candles of cinnamon or cardamom or any other soothing spice. If you are a flower lover you can add rose, lavender, jasmine or any other flower essence of your choice. If you are a foodie like me, you can incorporate vanilla or chocolate essence. Candles create a warmth feeling at your home and act as a good stress buster. During this wintry weather you can make these DIY floating candles and create affectionate surroundings. You can use candles and vases of your preference. I have chosen a few DIY floating candles ideas for you and which you can craft easily with elfin effort.

Nature and Fire



Add some pebbles and flower into a glass and make sure pebbles surround the steam of flowers, so that they can remain submerged. These can suite in any surroundings. You need not worry about matching colours with your table or walls or any other background. It will give a sober earthy look to your table. If you are insisting into matching colour to surroundings you can replace normal pebbles with colorful pebbles.

Trouble-Free Twigs with Candles

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If you are not into too much of flimsy decoration or you don’t have enough time come up with something, you can gather small wood twigs and add in to the water in to tall glasses n float candles. On other hand it gives kind of bucolic look to your home.

Hovering Lotuses and Candles


You make any of your table in living room magical with these floating candles. Lotus will be an excellent option for you to warm welcome of your guests. What you need is a metal or glass vessel. You can find real lotuses in market or you can easily get floating artificial lotuses in shops.  You can keep candles in-between Lotuses.

Underwater Flower Floating Candles

submerged_flower rode_centrepiece_submerged

What you need is a clear glass, water, orchids and candles. If you are orchid fan, you can use diverse colored orchids. You can pour superfluous love if decided to add a rose. Cut out small stem of flower according to size of glass, pour water and lit candles on it.

Elevated Glass, Flower Bouquet with Floating Candles


Are you in love with flower arrangements? Well this is your day then. This time get some exquisite orchids. Put orchids and assemble them as centre or corner piece where everybody can get glance effortlessly. Don’t forget to use a white candle. Using a flower essence candle will add an extra point to your effort.

Candles with Pearls


Do you have old pearls set which you never put on? Well its time to take it out from that corner of jewelry box. Now there will be a question how to keep that pearls submerged?  You can put the whole strand in the water and add 2 or more than 2 candles in glass so that the pearls remain sunken. Or you can add those transparent water magic balls in between pearls.


So what are you waiting for? Try these glorious floating candles before anyone enters. This will unquestionably make your loved ones and guest flabbergasted!





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