5 DIY Picture Frame Ideas To Spruce Up Your Memories


In today’s era of socialization, we all love to post our pictures and favorite clicks on social media. We pride in taking selfies and sporting them everywhere we can. Family photographs are one of your most cherished collection that you would preserve and would want to display it in the most creative ways. Use some stylish and easy craft ideas to make terrific displays of these pictures. Share your special and fun moments with your dear ones and rejoice the memories every time you stop by the photo frame. Don’t go bonkers with the expensive materials to keep your memories alive. Instead adapt some fun crafting ideas to experiment with your whole family and feel great about them like –

Make Memory Bottles For Awesome Photo Craft

Stack your favorite photos in a few wine bottles. Fill the bottoms up with shells and sand to give the photos a base. Decorate the bottles in with embellishments and keep your memories alive.

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Paint The Old Photo Frame

The old worn out frames need not be replaced if you are planning fresh wall decoration of your homes. Paint the old frames with solid black oil paint for a stunning new and creative way to repurpose your picture frame.

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DIY String And Wood Picture Wall Hanging

A very simple yet artsy idea to hang your pictures up the wall is using a wooden string wall hanging. Use clips to fix photos on the string and you can change them every couple of months. You may paint the wood to make the wall art cheerful as well as colorful.

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Cute Book Frame Picture For Easy Crafting

All you need to craft out a cute photo frame in your library is a big fat book with hard cover, a plastic protector and some glue. This book frame will stand erect without a stand and will look cool even on a tall stack of books and you can always grab the book and read through.

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Creative Curtain Rod Ribbon Photo Frames

Picture frames with creative hangings can also make your photos look striking. Take an unused curtain rod and hang you photo frames with broad ribbons to get an attractive and creative wall hanging frame section. You may use worn out rods if you want a rustic look.

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DIY pictures frames can be great gift ideas too. Go photo crafting today! There are many more ideas that you may innovate and try to preserve your dearest moments in style.

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