Amazing DIY Projects To Spruce Up Your Home Décor

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The internet is flooded with ample designs to decorate your homes. Whether you want to remodel your room or add touch ups to define your room décor some simple DIY tricks can spruce up the interiors. If you’re looking through various websites, magazines and neighbors house for inspiration, hold on to read some cool DIY home décor projects. Liven up any space in your house with amazing and easy to make crafts. Simple ideas can add a fun element to your interior and the engaging activity is a perfect way to spend spare time on weekends. Personalize your home décor with these stylish DIY projects and give your rooms a fresh appeal.

Beautiful Vintage Butterfly Domes

Capture a vintage-vibe with the wilderness of cute butterflies in your homes. You’ll require a glass dome, Styrofoam, wires, faux butterflies and glue to complete this project. Make the base of the dome with Styrofoam and affix the butterflies on different length wires to the base. Your vintage butterfly cloche is ready.

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Stylish Starburst Mirror For Living Room

K Sarah has designed a pretty fabulous starburst mirror at home. Taking inspirations from her work you can make lovely retro-inspired mirrors to highlight your living room. All you need is packs of differently sized wood shims, glue, a circular mirror and the reference to the designer’s web page for the exact method of preparation.

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Paper Mache Animal Heads

No real bones are involved in the making of these wall mounted animal heads. Paper mache objects can give real competition to the expensive animal head antiques. If you don’t want to spend all your worth in a wall art opt for DIY technique.

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Junk Wind Chime For A Retro Themed House

Giving your house a rustic retro looks is definitely trending in modern home décor. Your antique metal collectibles can come handy here. Put together a few found items or random metal objects to create a clunking wind chime. Place it in the garden or the entrance of your room for a musical vibe.

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Rock Painted Cacti Art For Garden Decoration

Pebble painting or rock painting has been trending since the past decade. Pick up a few stones or pebbles at the beaches, paint them (cacti in this case) and arrange them to the design that complements your décor. A stunning handmade centerpiece is ready!

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Tree Branches Wall Artwork

Create a romantic wall artwork for your bedroom using driftwood or tree branches. A heart shaped ombre colored centerpiece looks exclusive and personalized! Add more detailing with paints and sharpies to create your own masterpiece! Learn it here.

Also read 5 Creative Tree Branch Home Décor Ideas for more inspirations.

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Colorful Wine Bottle Chandelier

Planning to host a party this weekend? Turn your empty wine bottles into beautiful decorative pieces for a chic and modern designing element. This one of a kind wine bottle chandelier is sure to grab many compliments!

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Handmade Colorful Pom Pom Flowers

Make some colorful pom pom balls from any fabric of your choice. Stick them on wooden sticks of extra chopsticks from the kitchen supplies. Place these pom pom flowers into white painted bottles or mason jars. Viola! Attractive handmade flower vase is ready to deck up your bedroom corner.

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Do you ever get such creative ideas to decorate your home interiors? Do share some creative and easy DIY projects below.

Hope you enjoy making these lovely crafts!

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