Diwali Special: Make Creative DIY Lamps This Dipawali

Make Creative DIY Lamps This Dipawali

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Diwali is that time of the year when everything in our life lights up. It is that occasion where we love to decorate our homes. It is also that time when a lot of guests would come visiting. Therefore, it is essential that you make your home look better than ever. What better than lamps when Diwali is here! But this Diwali take a new route. Make your own lanterns to lend that personal touch to your Diwali celebrations.

Make Creative DIY Lamps This Dipawali

Color Your Lamps

Coloring the plain mud or porcelain lamp will give a stunning makeover to your home decor. The simplest DIY lamp design is to color them. Try different shades and watch how amazing they look when lighted.

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Decorate With Embellishments for an Ethnic Look

You can make your diya’s look great by decorating them with various blings. You can add some glitter, use colorful stones or even shape them in different designs.

lamps handmade_diya
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Imprinted Lamp Designs

Imprint designs like those of Lord Ganesha, the OM, or even a Swastik on your lamp. This will look beautiful, divine and fit for the occasion.

lamps diwali-decoration
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Amazing Glass Painted Lamps

Take small glass lamps and design them the way you like. Add some color, you can even do a 3D design for your lamp and make your home glow with them!

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Easy DIY Paper Lanterns

All you need is a few colored papers, a pair of scissors and an idea. Make slits throughout the paper, clip the ends together and press the tube-like structure from both ends. Your easy DIY paper lantern is ready in a few minutes. Use electric bulb to lit it up and avoid the paper from burning.

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Cute Wax Lamps for Diwali

Take some wax, add your favorite colors in them and put them in lamp molds. Once they cool down, you will have fabulous wax lamps to decorate your home with.

cup-candle lamps
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This Diwali make your own lamps and let your home shine bright and pretty!


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