DIY (Do It Yourself) Unique Chocolate Gifting Ideas



Everybody lusts chocolate. Chocolate unquestionably remain a perfect gifting idea in past and as well as in feature. Exchange of chocolates as a gift has become new fad among us as it symbolizes love, affection and concern. Chocolate may be of any kind dark, milk, bitter, white etc., it will always tune your mood to a happy song. You can gift chocolates for any occasions. Due to lack of time, we always buy ready to gift chocolates; but for a second think, what if we gift you with some awesome creative ideas, to make something out of the box and yet, it will be in your budget and minimum time consuming . You can make these with your children, friends, husband or whoever you want. Following are some unique and creative chocolate ideas.

Chocolate Bowls

Chocolate bowls are very easy to make chocolate art. What you need is melted chocolate, balloons and a non-stick surface like a parchment paper or a silicon sheet. Chocolate bowls can be use as a bowl to serve small chocolates, strawberry dips or small gifts.

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Chocolate Moustaches

Chocolate moustaches will add fun element to chocolate. You can make these to children. These are best for theme parties. You can find these moulds and straws easily in chocolate stores.


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Chocolate Pineapple

Convert simple chocolate balls into shiny golden balls by wrapping paper around it. Try this chocolate pineapple and art to your party presentation.

1002_1 Creative-gift-wrap-ideas-unique-pineapple-chocolates-wine-bottle

Delicate Chocolate Design

Are you in love with fine designs, well you can show it in your chocolate making. For these chocolates you should be very selective in buying a mould. I will give you a little secret, you can use candle moulds and fondant moulds instead of using only chocolate moulds.

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Bird Shaped Chocolates

These bird shaped chocolate are the cutest idea for moulded chocolate in. You will find these moulds in fondant or cake shops.

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Add shapes to your chocolate and make them look more elegant. Small tip while making these chocolates is that when you melt chocolate, do it on water-bath, which will help to retain chocolate consistence and taste. Enjoy making chocolate in different shapes.



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