As New Year’s Eve comes closer, a lot of celebrities this year are spreading the message of responsible drinking with the hashtag #DontDrinkAndDrive.

All India Bakchod

A couple of days back, AIB came out with a song #PeekeMatChala or #DontDrinkAndDrive through their youtube channel. AIB is one of the most popular Youtube Channels and have got a huge fan following in youngsters. They are famous for doling out some hard hitting truths in a satiric way, which has touched a nerve among the youth. In this brilliant song, they list out all the positive things that can happen in the next year, if you stay alive. Though this line, “Peeke mat chalega. Marega” is quite harsh, it rings true.

AIB has tied up with OLA Cabs for this song.

Have a look at it here:


Shah Rukh Khan

In his upcoming movie Raees, SRK plays a bootlegger and is shown to deal in alcohol smuggling. He released a short video today where he comes up in his Raees get up and talks about having a great time on the New Year’s Eve. But he also sternly warns people (of course, to go with his mean Raees look) not to drive home after getting drunk.

Apparently Uber Cabs have tied up with him to spread awareness about drunk driving.

Take a look at what Shah Rukh Khan tweeted, and the short video on #DontDrinkAndDrive and #RaeesKiSuno here:

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar recently released a teaser of Jolly LLB 2. The first part of the Jolly LLB series shows a small town struggling lawyer going up against a top notch lawyer in a case of drunk driving. The makers of the second film have leveraged that and come up with a #DontDrinkAndDrive campaign. Akshay Kumar released this motion poster with the message, Don’t drink and drive otherwise remember that the hands of the law are very long.

The purpose maybe to promote their movies or personal reasons. Business reasons (Especially on the part of the cab companies) or purely to spread awareness. But it is indeed great to see the different ways in which these celebrities who garner much fan following, are using influential platforms to spread awareness.

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