Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore – What You Need to Know

Many Singaporean women are opting for double eyelid surgery. Not only does it make the eyes look more alert but it also accentuates their appearance. Furthermore, women find there is less need for makeup with a double eyelid than a single eyelid. Consequently, double eyelid surgery is the most popular type of cosmetic surgery in Singapore.

In this post, we will answer some of the common questions of double eyelid surgery and help you decide if it is the right choice for you.

Why you have single eyelids

Do you often wonder why you have single eyelids while your friends have such great looking double eyelids? According to, the answer is genetics. A double eyelid is simply a result of creases formed by the attachments between the eyelid opening muscles and the eyelid skin. Moreover, strong attachments cause double eyelids while weak ones cause single eyelids.

Furthermore, some people do not have attachments at all. The result is single eyelids in either eye, having one double eyelid and one single eyelid, multiple creases causing multiple eyelids, shallow creases or having uneven creases in both eyes.

Do you need surgery to get double eyelids?

surgery to get double eyelids

There are several options for achieving double eyelids. These include:

1. Glue or double eyelid tape

This is a temporary option where you can use a double eyelid tape or glue to create the appearance of a double eyelid. Through prolonged use, the eyelids will form attachments. However, the resulting attachments often create shallow or inconsistent creases. Furthermore, prolonging the use of tape or glue can result in droopy looking eyes. 

Glue and tape result in a vicious cycle where the upper eyelids continue to droop requiring the use of more tape and glue, further worsening the situation.

2. Using a plexr machine

Physicians use the plexr machine to tighten the upper eyelids. It is ideal for people with low creases which causes them to be more visible. However, the procedure is not ideal for creating double eyelids on people with single eyelids. Moreover, there is a risk for pigmentation and burns with the plexr machine.

Furthermore, the process creates temporary results. For more permanent results, the best option is double eyelid surgery.

The double eyelid surgery procedure

There are two main types of double eyelid surgery in Singapore. These include:

  • Non-incisional double eyelid surgery
  • Incisional double eyelid surgery

The non-incisional method is fast and produces minimal scarring. Here the surgeon makes 4 small holes on each eyelid and places 6 sutures. These help to form a bond between the eyelid and the underlying tissue. Moreover, the sutures function as the missing natural attachments.

The incisional double eyelid surgery has a lot of downtime with the patient requiring at least 3 to 4 weeks to heal. Here the doctor makes incisions in the eyelids where the crease will form. Secondly, the doctor will create attachments between the eyelid and the muscle tissue below.

Cost of double eyelid surgery in Singapore

The cost of double eyelid surgery in Singapore mainly depends on the type of surgery. The non-incisional procedure costs between $3200 and $4000.

On the other hand, the incisional double eyelid surgery costs between $5000- $5800. This is not inclusive of GST.

What to expect during the double eyelid surgery procedure

vector illustration of upper eyelid blepharoplasty, before and after.

There are 3 main steps in double eyelid surgery in Singapore. These include:

  1. Pre-surgery.
  2. Sedation.
  3. Surgery.

The doctor will begin by marking the upper eyelid. Furthermore, he will create a simulation of the final look allowing the patient to provide feedback.

Secondly, the surgeon will administer a sedative which keeps the eyes sleepy. This makes the eyes easier to work with. Subsequently, the patient will receive a local anaesthetic as well as anaesthetic eye drops into the eye.

The patient is now ready for surgery. For the non-incisional method, the doctor creates 4 small holes on each eyelid. He then places sutures into the holes. This is a quick procedure that takes around 20 minutes to complete.

On the other hand, if the patient is undergoing the incisional method, the doctor will perform the relevant process. For example, the patient may require excels fat removal or eyelid muscle tightening.

Is the double eyelid process painful? 

Double eyelid surgery Singapore is a painless procedure due to the sedation and the local anaesthetic. However, the patient will feel tightness and pain in eyelids after they wake up and the sedation runs out. There will also be swelling which will subside after a couple of weeks.

Are the results permanent? 

For someone running a beauty blog, you want to find out if double eyelid surgery produces permanent results. That said, the incisional technique produces permanent results. Moreover, patients who opt for the non-incisional technique will still have double eyelids after 10 years.

However, some people will not have permanent results. Often, these people often have eczema, rub their eyes constantly or have thick upper eyelids.

Which is the best double eyelid procedure for you 

While the non-incisional method is less costly, the incisional method produces permanent results. Furthermore, non-incisional double eyelid surgery takes 2 to 3 months to completely heal. On the other hand, the incisional double eyelid surgery results in a contoured crease that takes the colour of the skin. It takes 4 to 6 months to heal completely.

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