Dowry System Is Never Going To Die In The Indian Society. Why?

dowry system

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It will be 7 lakhs for an engineer and about 10 lakhs for a Chartered Accountant. You think I am saying the amount that would cost to become an engineer and CA? You are wrong. These are the rates of the engineer and CA grooms in the dowry market. If the groom is into civil services, then the sky is the limit for the prices they demand. Doesn’t this deeply rooted dowry system needs an end?

 Mahatma Gandhi Said “Any young man, who makes dowry a condition to marriage, discredits his education and his country and dishonors womanhood”.

As people say dowry will not bring respect to the bride in her in-laws’ place but will actually degrade the value of the groom everywhere. Respect is nowhere related to money especially dowry.

Dowry A Tradition!!!! 

To all those people who say dowry is a tradition that has been in existence for many years, let me remember you that we also used to have many other traditions like “Sati Sahagamanam”  but we stay away from them now as we are learning to move with the trend and accepting the changes. That should happen with the dowry tradition as well.

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To say it in straight words it is an amount taken by the parents of the groom for selling off their sons from the parents of the bride by creating a marital bond between those two.

If you think this happens only with illiterates, then you are definitely mistaken, this evil is also seen in highly educated societies and also among the well-settled families. And the amounts may vary from person to person according to their financial status and financial affordability.

Every Girl Wishes To A Marry Guy Or To A Family Who Says ” We Don’t Need Any Dowry., The Girl Is More Than Enough For Us”

When we think of the problem about where it actually is, it has deeply inserted roots in the heart of the Indian society and also in the mindsets of the people. It will not die until and unless the mindsets of the people in India change. Women are not anyone’s liability and why does she need to bring money while getting married along with her. This narrow mindset needs to be changed.

Even our movies, our surroundings everything are rubbing this mindset on us and making us believe that dowry is a tradition but in fact, it is an evil for the society. This may even lead to many other issues like domestic violence.

India is such a place where the prosperity of a house will be decided on the amount of money spent on the wedding and the gifts they distribute for the guests.

“Kill Dowry SYstem… Not The Girl Child”

dowry system
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Why Is Dowry System Never Going To Die?

The reason why we are saying this deep-rooted tradition like it is believed is never going to die is because the mindsets of the people cannot be changed easily and that change has to come from within. That doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

We are now living in a hypocritical Indian society which has a price for everything and anything. A matrimonial relation or a match is a complete deal where the girl from a reputed and well-settled family will be balanced or matched with the groom with a prosperous and settled life. Then there begin the arrangements to create a matrimonial bond between the two.

There are also many people in our society who are very well educated and still follow this kind of a practice calling it a tradition. There is one IAS officer who wrote a long essay in a newspaper against dowry and when it came to his own son, he couldn’t withstand himself from demanding dowry from the bride’s parents.

So, as expressed earlier it is the mindset of the people that have this thinking and until the mindset isn’t changed, we cannot just expect and hope about the dowry practice in India.

What Is the Use Of The Dowry Prohibition Act 1961?

Dowry prohibition act in certain states limited the usage of the money spent during marriages. It is basically an act that prohibits giving and taking of dowry.

Even with the existence of such a law, it may be due to the lack of awareness among the people or just ignorance of the law that is leading to this kind of situations where the grooms are still demanding dowry and brides are still giving dowry.

How Can We Eradicate It?

While talking all these reasons that why this dowry practice is still in the society, we shouldn’t leave behind talking about the certain things that can help in eradicating this evil from the society. So, let us now put them together for you.

  • The financial independence of girls can make a lot of difference. This would pierce the armour of the male superiority. Dowry system highlights the male superiority but if girls start to be financially independent, then there will definitely be an end to this dowry system.
  • As talked earlier it is the mindsets of the people that need a change and if everyone chooses and wishes to stay away from this evil, then there will definitely come a day in future where there will be no dowry at all. Parents should teach their children their own worth and also our school curriculum should also teach the children about the cruel side of the dowry system which let them realize the negative effects of the dowry and thus they can stay away from it.

Women are being shown their place in the Indian society and this system is another proof that makes women realize that she needs to buy herself a groom than finding herself a right match.

More than anything just make yourself a pledge not to take or give dowry!!! If you do this, then there begins the change.

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