Taking baby steps to a brighter healthcare for women in India-Dr. Glossy Sabharwal


Healthcare is a service that is available to all, but how convenient is it to all? Most of the hospitals and diagnostic labs today have male dominated staff which makes it uncomfortable  for women. Recognizing this well ignored aspect, Dr. Glossy Sabharwal took a plunge to address the need. In August 2015 she started WISH- Women Imaging Specialists in Healthcare.

Dr. Glossy is a Senior consultant Radiologist at Apollo Spectra Hospitals and has her hands full with different shifts. On being asked about what inspired her to start WISH, she says, “Very few healthcare centres focused on women and their needs. There were no diagnostic centres just for women and there was a need for innovation to start.” WISH caters primarily to women and their healthcare needs.

Glossy Sabharwal

Even though Dr. Sabharwal is busy all day, she worked on the timings for WISH keeping in mind the convenience of her patients. She explains, “ For working women it is easier to come for their tests early in the morning so we are open from 7:30 am to 10 am. Homemakers find it convenient to come in the evening or at night which is why we are open from 3:30 pm till 9pm.”

“Women in India are not aware about importance of getting checked”- Dr. Glossy Sabharwal

There are so many tests that women need to take regularly. A pap smear test for example, needs to be regularly undertaken. Most often the diagnosis happens at a later stage and by then it is almost too late. Dr. Glossy Sabharwal made sure that when a patient completed a test, she is scheduled her next appointment immediately.

Having come up with such a unique and noble idea, Dr. Glossy wasn’t interested in commercializing her venture. She says, “People came and asked me why I haven’t put up a board or advertised and that’s why I put up a board to let women know that this facility is available for them. Otherwise I have no intentions to advertise.”

Talking about her future plans, Dr. Glossy explains that the growth of WISH has been much like a baby’s first few years- slow yet important. She plans to incorporate more expansion in the coming years and aims to make healthcare easily accessible to women.

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