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Top 18 Dresses That Hide Belly Bulge Like A Miracle

Woman, we are more often horrified by precious fat clinging on to our belly area! Why? cuz we consider we won’t look attractive in ANY dress. But I want to stop your thought right here and contradict it. What if I say there are such dresses that can hide belly bulge…. or they just a fashion hoax?

Take a deep breath and exhale, relax! I am here to solve all your wardrobe issues. This simple guide to ideas of dresses that hide belly fat will totally sweep the ground beneath you! I have answers for What’s the best type of dress to hide belly and love handles? or How do you hide a muffin top in a tight dress? and a few tips RIGHT HERE!

So without wasting a sweat drop here are flattering clothes for big stomach. Remember to add them to your shopping list.

Dress to Hide Tummy

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18 Dresses That Hide Belly Bulge

1. Loose, Baggy Tops For Those Love Handles!

baggy top to hide belly bulge

Who doesn’t know that tight outfits emphasize the best parts of our body? Well, the unfortunate part is that they also bring out the worst ones too. So, next time when you are in a shopping zone, direct your eyes from those figure-hugging tops to the relaxed and baggy equivalents.

As they will not be pulled tight over your belly and hence, your fat-sacs will not be exposed.

2. Tunic And Legging, A Perfect Combo To Hide Belly Bulge


Dresses to disguise tummy also include a tunic or a mere wide top and a complimentary pair of leggings. When you put on leggings, they drape around your flabby stomach perfectly as well as conveniently, which helps tuck it to some degree.

3. No Belly Fat In A Bat dress

bat dress to hide belly bulge

Sleeves dresses are all-in-one with a base and mirror bat wings. And the bottom of the dress is a bit narrower. The free fabric forms wrinkles that hide the stomach. Add this to your wardrobe right now!

4. Layer It Up To Hide That Belly Fat

Big tummy dresses that hide belly bulge

layering to hide belly bulge

Layering can give your big tummy a magical transformation. You can get loads of chic jackets or girly cardigans to meet your needs. Master that, the longer your layers will be, the slimmer you will look.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a straight cardigan or a waterfall jacket, it is truly the length that diverts all the eyes from your stomach. Long vests can also help you a lot in altering your love handles perfectly too.

5. Go Asymmetric To Cut The Bulgy Look

asymmetry to hide belly bulge

Asymmetric outfits look undividedly smart and at the same time, it can cover your tummy too. A top or a dress with an asymmetric element can generate a vertical line, which ultimately gives an illusion of having a slenderer body.

6. Peplum Tops For Bulging Belly

peplum tops for bulging belly

One of the excellent top styles that you should opt for to screen the tummy fat is, of course, the peplum top style. The fit near the bustier and the flare right near the waistline redirect the attention off the tummy and also gives room for the waist. Add this to your wardrobe right now!

7. Drapes/Frills/Layers

layered tops to hide belly fat

Tops with some excess material at the belly area can help you a lot in looking lean and beautiful. You can even opt for dresses that have draped details at the front. Sexy lacey frills can also serve your mission. If layering with jackets or cardigans doesn’t seem a possibility for you, then opt for pretty layered tops.

8. Empire Waist Outfit To Sheild Belly Fat

empire waist to hide belly bulge

When it arrives at embracing an oversized belly the right way, empire waist out works as an undoubted option. Be it an empire waist top or short dress or a maxi dress, you can always get an amazing silhouette by drawing attention towards the thinnest as well as sexiest parts of your body with it.

9. Detailed Upper Body Can Un-Focus Lookers From Your Belly

Detailed Upper Body to hide belly bulge

Shirts with features around the upper part of the body can play a tremendous role in concealing a bulging tummy. You can choose ruffles or embellishments at the neckline, shoulders or even on the entire front section. An embellished or crystal-studded dress can also distract eyes from the weakest part of your body.

10. Sweet And Bold Shirts and Dresses

geometric dress to hide belly bulge

If you want something distinctive and bold, geometric or other patterned shirts and dresses can be excellent choices. You can even go a bit more daring by wearing dark-shaded tops. Vibrating uni-colored dresses can also make you look significantly slimmer.

11. Pleated Dress To Hide Belly Fat

pleated dress to hide belly bulge

Who doesn’t love a perfect image clicked in a pleated dress? If you take into account all the dresses that hide the belly, then pleating has a lot of advantages. And the main of the privileges can be called free (not tight-fitting) cut and the presence of a set of accurate vertical folds, which visually lengthen the figure. Conclusion, pleated dresses can be considered as big belly clothing!

12. Super Chic Kaftan

kaftan to hide belly bulge

This one style can never go unsuitable with a pretty woman having a swelling belly. No matter whether you wear a kaftan top, an asymmetric kaftan dress, or a maxi kaftan, the draped features around your outline can give you an illusion of a flay tummy and a sultry look always. Not everyone is familiar with this illusion by kaftan, add this on your next shopping list right away

13. Smart Mid-Rise Jeans

Low-waist jeans only highlight your problem area by presenting a considerable push. Pick mid-rise jeans that will conceal your entire stomach area and give it a flattering look. This is the easiest way of hiding belly fat.

14. A-Line Dress

This is one of the best summer dresses that hide belly bulge. An A-line dress of flowing fabric can hide the round tummy flawlessly in summer. Either go with a many layered-style or a dress with lace and ruffles to disguise the protruding belly without much trouble.

15. Blazer To Hide Belly Hat At Office

blazer to hide belly fat

A black blazer would be an excellent alternative to reduce the tummy line. Be it a formal meeting or a sumptuous dinner date, cover up your tummy with a dark-colored or printed blazer. The best part about this Balzer is that they even hide your bust and add a chic image when you wear it.

16.Crossover Sweater

Who doesn’t love crossovers? Hide the fat with this mind-blogging style of top and throw the image of tummy bulge out of the window. These excellent bigbelly clothing can hide love-handles too! Next time don’t forget to click an add a perfect image of you in this outfit.

17. Balloon Fit Tops To Hide Ballon Belly!

The balloon fit tops are one unique and formal way of cloaking up the tummy fat. They fit right below the waistline and the baggy fabric above it will make it effortless to keep the attention away from protruding tummy.

18. Kimono Dress

Kimono dress to hide belly bulge

We all love kimono dresses! The dress is like the national costumes of Japanese women. It has an elegant cut sleeve. Material freely falls down, loosely adapts the figure. These are excellent dresses to hide the tummy.

Now that we know what exactly are the dresses you should wear to hide your tummy fat, here are some tips that you can consider while selecting a dress.

  1. Don’t dress tight or clingy garments over your belly and exercise outfits with ruching or drape.
  2. Create vertical lines to hide your belly fat with long cardigans, jackets and ponchos.
  3. Don’t emphasise your tummy by adding accessories like belts right on top of them, rather belt higher.
  4. Wear tops over your skirts and pants and don’t tuck them.
  5. Flattering clothes for a big stomach – don’t wear garments that are bulky around the tummy area.
  6. Pot on pants that tuck the tummy in.
  7. Use fabrics with prints.
  8. To Wear shapewear is the most popular tips to hide belly fat.
  9. Highlight something else, like shoulders, neck, ears eyes etc. in that way you can shift your attention from the tummy.

Alas! We have decoded the tips & trick to look confident and pretty at the same time. So that you can munch on your favourite cupcake or ice cream without worrying about your precious belly bulge and still get a perfect image in-camera!

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