The monsoon has arrived in full swing! The rains are lashing down from overcast skies, blown about by chilly winds and causing even the most hard-working to think of nothing but warm blankets, hot coffee and a good movie. Alas, a fantasy sadly unfulfilled! Out onto the wet roads we must all go, cringing at every puddle splash by big tires and praying for mud-free trouser cuffs and dry shoes!

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And of course, the classic question – what to wear today?! This daily dilemma is made worse by pouring water from threatening clouds. Do you risk wearing that pretty white shirt, or is it time to go Goth in an all-black outfit? Your rain slippers don’t match your one rain-proof bag, and raincoats make you look so boxy!

Not to worry, all you style conscious peeps out there. Here’s a simple guide on how to dress monsoon-appropriate!

What Colours To Wear

Common sense dictates avoidance of anything white! White clothing will get dirty and transparent – not very good prospects. In a grey atmosphere, it’s best to go in for bright colours! Shades of pink, orange, blue, green and yellow are gorgeous to try out, and paired with brown or black bottoms, they make for great outfits. If you aren’t comfortable with bold tones, go for gray, brown or black colors.

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Choosing Fabrics in the Rains

Wear cotton and lightweight silk. Store away those thick shirts, because their super water-absorbing quality makes them hard to dry. If you’re looking for stain-resistant material, try out some silicone washed fabrics. Remember to avoid wearing linen too, as it gets crushed easily when wet.

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What’s the Best Foot(wear) to Put Forward?

Note to all women: Pack away ALL your fancy sandals! Trudging around on muddy roads and wet pavements call for flip flops and skid-proof rubber chappals. And boys, not even sneakers of any sort – they’ll be soaking wet and will take days to completely dry. Buy a nice pair of Adidas slippers, if you can’t bear the thought of stepping out in ordinary rain wear!

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Go For Bold Cover!

Buy a yellow umbrella, or a pink raincoat, or some blue gum boots! Who says rain wear should be a bunch of boring plastic? Here’s a bonus: bright colours are great for visibility. So, if you lose your friend in a crowd, try to spot their bright green rain jacket!

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Shorts Are Great Anytime, Anywhere

If you’re in second thoughts about that nice pair of jeans, scrap them and go in for a nice pair of shorts instead. It’ll mean no dirty bottoms, no wet clingy denim, and freedom of movement! Come on, everybody loves shorts, so why not wear some happy ones in the rains too?

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Lip Colour Things!

Opt for a matte finish, smudge proof lipstick. Don’t go in for a lip gloss, as it gets sticky and smudge-y. Again, wear bold colours like coral, pinks and reds. Dark shades of purple and brown work well too. Remember to apply some lip balm before putting on your colour!

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Time to go out and rock your new monsoon-loving looks! Tell us about your fashion hacks for the rains in the comments below 🙂

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