Putting on makeup for the daily chores or an evening party is not so simple or easy as we speak of it. You should follow some tips and tricks to get absolute idea of what type of makeup to wear and how. If you are a beginner, starting with eye makeup will be your first milestone to achieve. Let me share a few quick tips that will enhance the beauty of your eyes and make them look sparking and popping. These eye makeup tips are easy to do, will give you a well-groomed look and make you prettier without looking overdone. You ought to give them a try to become a head turner as you pass by!

Tip 1: Concealing The Under-Eye Circles And Blemishes

Most women have baggy dark circles under their eye. Use a soft golden toned concealer to cover up all patches and blemishes under the eye. This will brighten your eyes and give your face a lifted appearance.

eye concealer
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Tip 2: Curl Up Your Lashes To Make The Eyes Look Bigger

Mascara enhances the look of your eyes instantly. But if you want some savvy looking eyes curl up your eye lashes before applying mascara. This is a great way to define your beautiful eyes.

curling eyelash

Tip 3: Apply Mineral Powder Before Eye Shadow

Application of a little mineral foundation powder on your lids is a life hack to soak up the wetness of the concealer. It will give a perfect base for the eye shadow that will last longer and will also prevent blotching of mascara over the lid.

eye shadow
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Tip 4: Find The Perfect Eyeliner Shade

According to the charts, black eyeliner is a classic choice for women, however if you want to make your eye pop, try colored eyeliner shades complementing the color of your iris. Opt for colorful shades of mascara for an adventurous look.

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Tip 5: Highlight Eyebrows Like A Pro

Define your eyebrows with a brow brush. You’ll find simple tutorials over the internet to start as a beginner and end up being a pro makeup artist. Highlighted brows lift your eyes and enhance your appeal.

eyebrow defining

Tip 6: Spoon Hack For Mascara

Holding a spoon against your lashes while applying the mascara will help you pep up the look. It avoids smudging of mascara and is easy breezy!

spoon mascara

These easy tricks can become life savers when you are in a hurry and need to touch up your eyes quickly. All you need is some practice. Viola!




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