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Health drinks have captured the shelves in most supermarkets today. However, the so-called natural drinks are diluted extracts from fruits and vegetables. While on our search of some really good and nutritious options for health drinks, we came across this amazing product range – EDGE Cold Pressed Juices. Boost your daily dose of nutrition with these delectable health drinks. With yummy natural flavors, EDGE Juices comes to rescue when you are looking for a healthy dietary supplement or a seasonal retreat.

Edge Juices Stylewhack 9EDGE juices are here to Rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Soul with its Highly Nutritious and Refreshing Cold Pressed Juices.

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Cold pressing process is a unique way of extracting juice from raw veggies and fruits allowing the enzymes and vitamins to stay with the juice. The minimal use of heat/air in the extraction process is what makes this product range (EDGE Juices) a much better option than the ones manufactured by big conglomerates.

Brand Name: EDGE Beyond Nutrition

Product: Cold Pressed Juices


Freshly extracted nutritious raw fruit juices. No added flavors, colors, sugar or any other additives and chemicals. Dairy and gluten free packs. These cold pressed juices are free from preservatives.

Packaging: Comes in bottle packing

Price: Starts from Rs. 40 onwards

  • Blended Juices: Rs 60 for 125ml
  • Nutmilk: Rs 80 for 125ml
  • Straight Juices: Rs 40 for 125ml

You may also subscribe a monthly package worth Rs 2700. Click here to visit our website

Check out some monsoon offers on their products too.

Method of use: Just grab a bottle of your favorite flavors and slurp it down.


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  • Flavors come in combinations you may have never heard of.
  • The juice is not for diet but it’s a healthy drink for all.
  • The cold press processing helps retain its core nutrients intact.
  • The Edge juices are lip-smacking and thus you keep wanting for more.
  • The juices are known to lend you more energy, a glowing skin and are delicious memory boosters.
  • The product claims of containing 100% juice and not the diluted alternatives.
  • We strongly recommend you to try these tasteful and nutri-packed juices.


  • 100% natural, organic juices.
  • Scrumptious flavor with a mix of fruits and vegetables.
  • Delivered straight at your doorsteps.
  • No heat treatment.
  • No added sugar, flavor, or preservatives.


  • Edge juices are a little on the expensive side. However, the price is worth the health value it imparts!
  • Its healthy so it tastes a bit different, but your will surely enjoy it right from the first sip.

My Verdict:

Edge Juices are refreshing and taste Good!  Combinations which edge juices give are NUTRITIOUS! Worth a try! Always invest in your health! 

Edge Juice Stylewhack Shweta ChitrodeFlavors: Melonaire, Upspring, Sacred, Upbeet, Evergreen, Nut, Proberry.

Visit Edge Juice site for exciting offers on subscription

Choose from the various freshly made flavors for a pleasant and rejuvenating experience. Try them and comment about your favorite pick from the delectable flavors.

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