The Coming Elections 2018 – The Battle Grounds For Politics

elections 2018

If you think with the Gujarat and Himachal election results, the election season is temporarily over, then you are wrong, in fact, it is all the elections in front of us in the coming years. And the coming year has a pretty many state elections and the states have already been decking up as the battlegrounds for the politicians. With the victory in both the recently conducted elections, looks like the ruling party BJP is in full swing and we have to wait and see how the party makes it mark in the coming elections, even the oldest national party Congress did well in impressing people of Gujarat and thus managed to perform better in Gujarat elections. As of now, we thought of just bringing you in front of the states that are due for elections 2018.


Battle Grounds For Elections 2018

List of Elections 2018

Start DateEnd DateElections 2018
27 February 201827 February 2018Meghalaya Legislative Assembly election, 2018
18 February 201818 February 2018Tripura Legislative Assembly election, 2018
27 February 201827 February 2018Nagaland Legislative Assembly election, 2018
Karnataka Legislative Assembly election, 2018
Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly election, 2018
Rajasthan Legislative Assembly election, 2018
Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly election, 2018
Mizoram Legislative Assembly election, 2018


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This Northeastern state in India is getting ready for elections in 2018.  With about 3 crores population, this state has got 11 districts. This state is heading towards State legislative assembly elections this year.

And as far as the politics there are concerned this assembly election is going to be a tough one for BJP, the ruling party there currently is Congress and Mukul Sangma is the current Chief Minister. Let us have to wait and see what the people of Meghalaya are wishing as the legislative elections are going to in April 2018.


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This is another Northeastern state of India is also due for elections this year. Tripura is the third smallest state in the country. This state even has a population of about 3 crores according to 2011 census. The state is home to diverse cultures and traditions. It has 8 districts. With Manik Sarka on the CM throne, the state is currently run by the Communist Party of India. BJP needs to come up with a better strategy for the northeastern states if it wishes to get into power in those places. Otherwise, there are chances for the CPI and Congress to form a coalition for forming the government if no one gets the required number of seats. The state will go for legislative elections in the coming March.


elections 2018 3
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This Northeastern state that is considered as the mountainous state is also heading towards elections this year. Currently ruling by the regional parties over there, while Congress can be considered as a strong party over there according to previous elections history and BJP like said earlier will have to struggle to get into power. This 11 district state with 2 million population will go for elections in the coming March.


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The southern state of India and one of the largest states in the country with about 30 states will also be heading towards elections in April 2018. The state with one of the popular travel destinations in it the state is populated with about 64 million people and the capital city Bangalore is also well known as the tech capital of India and also a very popular tourist destination. The current ruling party is BJP in Karnataka and the party’s fight will be fighting for survival while Congress will have to fight for the throne. We will have to wait and see the verdict of the voters in Karnataka until the coming April.

Madhya Pradesh  

elections 2018 2
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This state which is in the central part of India and also one of the largest states in India is also heading towards the state legislative assembly elections very soon that is the coming year. It has about 51 districts and is among the largest states in India and holds a population of about 73 million people. The states have Congress presently ruling and it while it has to fight for survival, the BJP has to strive for the throne to win it over the currently ruling party and it is going to be a tough fight for both of them this time. Let us have to wait for the verdict of the Karnataka people until December 2018

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Rajasthan, another largest state in the country with huge population and is in the Northern part of the country will also be going for elections in 2018. The state that shares the border with Pakistan is currently run by the BJP. And this is going to be another tough fight for both the national parties and to know the verdict of the people of the largest state with about 33 districts and a population of about 68 million according to the 2012 census, we will have to wait until the December 2018.


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This another state on the list of the largest states in the country is also heading towards elections in 2018. With about 27 districts and a 25 million population according to the 2013 census. This state is going for Legislative assembly elections in the December 2018. BJP is in the power in this state currently and this election is going to another interesting and tough fight between the national parties of India where the BJP will be fighting for survival and continuance and Congress will strive for the throne.

We will have to be waiting for the states to head towards the elections 2018, while they will do and the elections happen. There are more interesting things coming on our way in the coming years. These state assembly elections are not an end to the election season. But there comes more interesting and eye-grabbing Loksabha elections in 2019 and that is not too far as well.

While we discuss all the stuff about the state elections 2018 and the Loksabha elections in the coming days. I actually wanted to bring a point before you and that is the importance of the vote. Voting is very important in a democratic country like India that has a huge population. Don’t neglect your vote, it’s your right to decide who governs you. You have to utilize your right to vote if you need to question the government.

elections 2018

So, do vote for sure by making your presence at the polling booth near you. And get yourself registered if you haven’t got the Voter ID card yet and get ready for the elections 2018.

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