For each one of us, mom holds a very special place in our lives. She is the one to whom we can talk our heart out and no wonder she has solution for our every problem (from pimples to relationship issues). However, there are certain things in our lives, which we just like to keep it to ourselves. Nevertheless, as always, she is curious to know whatever is happening in our life! And then begin the plethora of embarrassing questions.

Trust us, it often becomes awkward and embarrassing to face that ‘rapid fire’ round!
  1. “When is your Period due this month?”

In addition, she will ask you when it happened last month. How many days it is late and why it is not happening? I know mom you care for us a lot, but trust me your enquiry is seriously so embarrassing sometimes.

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  1. “What is that bruise on your neck?”

Well, this is the question we often have to deal with and this actually tests our creative skills that how well we can cook something flawlessly.

“I scrubbed today so hard, which caused this”

Ya we know what sort of ‘scrubbing’ it was (Wink! Wink!)

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  1. “Do you go for your innerwear shopping with him?”

I wish I could say to her- “First of all, it is lingerie and not ‘innerwear’. And yes mom I do, so what’s wrong with that?”

Innerwear shopping
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  1. In the middle of making out at your boyfriend’s place, your mom calls and asks you – “What are you doing now?”

Oh! This is a hell lot embarrassing for most of us.

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  1. “Why you carry your phone with you when you go for your bath?”

Because you never know, if you get that very “important call” (Or sending him some sexy selfies of yours).

Important call
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  1. “Is he the one?”

No wonder that you must be used to this question by now and as always clarified it to your mom – “We are just good friends!”

Just Friends
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However, irrespective of all these, there are some adorable gestures that only a mother can do for you and trust us, we ‘love you’ for that!

Love Mom
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Don’t we?

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