The fourth post in Stylewhack’s Empowered Women Series, where we bring stories of everyday women who have imbibed the meaning of ’empowered’ in their own personal way. Today we bring you the story of Becky Macaluso, who talks about her life post embracing golf as a sport.

Women.  Listen up.  Golf is not just for men.  In fact, I discovered golf is the perfect sport, hobby, and game for women to feel empowered!  Let me explain.

I came to golf fairly late in life when I started a new job as the Director of Membership at the EWGA – the Executive Women’s Golf Association.  In order to better understand the members, I immediately joined the local women’s golf group and signed up for golf lessons with 10 other women.  After only a few lessons, I became part of the beginner group of ladies that played together once a week to hone our skills and become confident enough to play with more experienced golfers.


And, do you know what I learned?  Gaining the skills to play golf empowered me in so many other areas of my life!

Spend quality time with family
A typical 18-holes of golf takes between 4-5 hours.  Of course you can play just 9 holes.  But the fact is you will have all those hours to spend with your husband, children or other family members having fun outside on some of the most beautiful places on earth.  Golf gave me the confidence to challenge my two brothers to a friendly, family tournament!


Make lots of new friends
Women are the largest growth market for golf!  Find the local women’s golf group in your area, and begin by playing with others who are just learning with you.  You will quickly learn the lingo and etiquette so that you are comfortable playing with anyone – both men and women.  Golf gave me a whole new set of friends that share my passion in the game.


Compete like an athlete
With practice, before you know it, you will be hitting the ball farther and start sinking more of your putts.  Even though you never played sports before, you will realize that you are exceeding your expectations.  Some days you will even have golf shots better than the pros you see on TV!  Golf gave me the confidence to enter competitive tournaments.


Give back to the community
One of the key methods of fund raising for non-profit organizations is golf tournaments.  The non-competitive formats of these types of events are the perfect way for beginning golfers to get involved.  Plus, you can spend some relaxed time with your fellow employees or meet other business people.  Golf gave me the chance to help raise money for important causes.


You know you want to get started in golf too!  Just let go of your fear that you might not be good enough to play golf.  Remember, unless you decide to become a professional golfer, you just want to be able to connect with the ball and have fun moving around the course.  Take a few lessons to learn the basics, rent or buy the beginner set of clubs, buy yourself a cute golf outfit of course, and then get out on the golf course to show the world that you, too, can do anything you decide to do!


Becky Macaluso carefully divides her time between golfing, reading, walking and spending time with family and friends.  She has been an active member of Toastmasters for over 10 years and does volunteer work with Leadership Palm Beach County to help raise funds for local youth to experience and learn about community leadership.



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