English Pop Songs That Made People Go Bonkers In 2017

english pop songs

Music is a therapy that can help you forget about everything and relieve anything that you have been going through. Even it is for peace of mind, or to lighten up the mood, or to party music is the option that we all have. And music has been a part of all of our lives. So, here we are to present you with a list of some of the English pop songs of the year 2017 that has been in the minds and mouths of the people and has made them go crazy.

Top English Pop Songs 2017

Shape Of You

The British songwriter and singer Ed Sheeran is the singer of the song Ed Sheeran and of course, this song needs no introduction. It is no exaggeration even if I say this song can be said as the party anthem of the year 2017. This song released on January 6th this year and we aren’t bored of it still. This very popular song of the year thus deserves a place on this list of the popular English pop songs.


Despacito is basically a Spanish single by Puerto Rican and the singer of this super hit that has shaken the world is Luis Fonsi. It got released on January 12th, 2017. This song can be declared the ringtone of the year. We are not declaring any music awards but yeah just think about the popularity of this song, this song has been popular all over the world and the people are going crazy without even knowing its meaning. Popular Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber released a remix version of this song which has raised its popularity.

Chained To The Rhythm

Areee wee craaazyyyyy!!!!! Yes we all have got crazy about this song and this song can be considered as one of the perfect dance numbers of the year 2017 and I can say that no one can be able to sit on their chair while listening to this song as it will make even lazy persons tap their feet. Popular American singer Katy Perry released this song in February this year and even the lyrics of this song say a lot.

Look What You Made Me Do

The queen of American pop music Taylor Swift obviously needs no introduction and she is the singer of this most popular song of the year. This picture has stunning visuals like all other Taylor’s songs and is even very nice to hear. It got released in August this year and has got a huge attention from the people all over the world. It may not be a catchy song by if you listen to it again and again, you will start loving it and that is what the world is doing.


American singer Jason Derulo recorded this very catchy song that goes like shimmy yay shimmy ya shimmy ya swalla la la. This song also featured the very popular Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj and American singer Ty Dolla Sign and it got released in February this year. It brings out the craziness in the people who listen to it.

So, we hope we helped you in preparing your Christmas and New year party playlists with these list of the perfect and the most popular songs of the year. Party Hard!!!!

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