Envy’s New Collection Launch- Bold & Pleasure

ENVY Bold & Pleasure

Rs. 249


Envy, one of the most-lionized French Fragrance brand has announced the launch of all its new tempting and enthralling Envy Collection Bold and Pleasure which aims to cater to the flamboyant and a lo mode audience.

Envy Bold has top notes of Lemon and lavender while accompanying fresh spices in the middle note and base notes garnished with Patchouli and Musk.  

Envy Pleasure opens with white floral in top note and Jasmine, Middle notes has a hint of Flora line and Tube Rose, while Vanilla and Musk in the base notes of the scent makes it the best choice for men.

ENVY Bold & Pleasure conveys long-lasting fragrance. With the introduction of two vigorous perfumes in the market, focusing the ever-evolving consumers who have an inclination to settle on the things that complement their personality as well as presents them with an opportunity to be candid.

Envy Bold & Envy Pleasure, available at all leading retail, modern outlets and E-commerce portals just for 249/- each for 30ml bottle. 

Stylewhack Presents The Review of Envy’s Bold & Pleasure Perfume Spray

Brand Name: Envy

Product: Bold & Pleasure Perfume Spray

Price: Rs. 249 for 30 ml

Envy’s Bold & Pleasure Perfume spray is a tempting and enthralling collection for men.

Envy Bold has top notes of Lemon and lavender following fresh spices in the middle note, and base notes garnished with Patchouli and Musk.

Envy’s Pleasure has top notes of white floral and jasmine, Floraline and Tube Rose in the middle notes and vanilla and musk in the base note which keeps body odour away.

Envy’s Bold & Pleasure has a long-lasting fragrance. It keeps you fresh and clean.

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