Word Power: Expand Your Vocabulary In These 5 Easy Steps


What is vocabulary? Is it just knowing a few fancy words? Or is it a learning process that requires dedication, patience and love for literature? Building a powerful vocabulary is a way to enhance your career and life. Adding newer and newer words to your word bank daily can prove to be a profitable and pleasurable investment of effort and time over the period. Taking effective steps to improve you vocabulary is very important as it increases your ability to converse, to communicate and mark an impression. A good vocab helps us understand ideas and convey them in an appropriate and satisfying manner.

Make learning words a lifetime habit and we bet you’ll never regret!!

Basic Steps To A Better Vocabulary! Let’s Begin!

1. Read And Read More

Increase your knowledge of words with regular reading exercises. Read whatever interests you the most to make the learning process exciting and fun. Don’t just look at the photographs in your favourite magazine. Read the articles carefully.

vocabulary step 1

2. Observe, Listen And Note

Observe and listen to people while you talk. This is the way all of us learnt words in toddlerhood. Challenge yourself while associating with well-educated people, listening to literature, watching lectures, etc. This might feel a bit uncomfortable at first but you’ll soon develop a knack for grasping more words. Remember to note down each new word that you learn!!

vocabulary step 2

3. Keep A Dictionary Or Thesaurus At Hand

Once you have noted down the words in your diary, look them up in your dictionary. Write down the meaning and some synonyms-antonyms against them. Learn the nuances between these words. This is the best part of your vocab-building program.

vocabulary step 3

4. Learn With Fun

Learning with games makes a boring task interesting and enjoyable. Try playing hangman during your vocab-building sessions. You’ll wonder how fast you can discover new words, learn meanings and babble about them.

vocabulary step 4

5. Engage In Conversations

Using these words frequently in your conversations will help to sear them deeply in your minds. Use them in your daily conversations or utilize them in your scripts and articles. Doing this will also boost your confidence.

vocabulary step 5
Expand your vocabulary with these easy and simple ways. Start today!!

Play the word game with friends and family. Challenge them to learn with you. Come on start sharing every new word you learn in comments below! Learn and help others learn too! Enjoy this fun activity with us!!

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