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Extramarital affair is one relation which is always associated with negative thoughts like pity, anger, insecurity, etc. It has been scripted in many famous books and in all religions that you should never cheat on your partner. Your partner and you are one soul residing in two bodies.

In country like India, there are more than 1400 divorce case filed everyday in district courts. Break-ups and heart break is common and happens may be every minute.

Many people consider western culture and modern thinking is the main culprit behind Extramarital affairs. But they are some typical answers, and you must be really thinking of some logical answers about it. So, what is the logical answer for extramarital affairs and cheating in relationship.

Let’s DECODE this Extramarital affair!

Why do we cheat in relationship?

Lets go back in time and understand about our traits. There are just 3% of species on Earth that are  are monogamous! This means they stay and mate with their partner for long period.

From initial days of existence humans are monogamous. This is because survival becomes easy in monogamous set-up. E.g.: One partner can find food and other can take are of children and family, One partner can make arrangement for living and other can maintain living culture. But, it is also noted that from early stage it is common in human to betray and leave their partner for better future. Better compatibility, compliance, understanding and physic has always been the core of betrayal.

Know About Science Behind Extramarital Affair

Yes, you read it right, there is science behind it. There genes responsible for such behavior. Still you feel this is some hypothesis, then read it in detail:


Extra-Marital Affair Stylewhack

Gene is base of being, our genes decides our traits and control us. There dopamine receptors in gene.

Dopamine is a chemical developed in our body which is associated with pleasure and happiness feelings like love, winning, belonging, care, etc. There are two allele of dopamine – long gene and short gene

Long gene Dopamine:

  • It is observed that 60% of people having long gene are prone to cheat.
  • They are also people who are ready to take risk and drug addicts
  • They are people who easily get distracted

Short Gene Dopamine:

  • It is observed that 19% of people having short gene are prone to cheat.
  • These people tend to have long relations.
  • They remain loyal and take ahead relationship by accepting all flaws.
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Vasopressin is an chemical which helps us get feeling of attachment. In one study, it was observed that there was variant in the gene that code vassopressin receptor. Any defect in that receptor leads to decreased use of Vasopressin. Study identified that these people had more relationships and break-ups. Decrease in level of Vasopressin leads to various emotional ups and downs.

  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Social bonding
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In one study, it was observed that people taking vasopressin are liking to become monogamous and understanding.

Hormones and Feelings

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You all must have heard people saying that cheating is in your blood! One of the most commonly used phase. It’s true!! There are various other collective reasons which lead to cheating

  • Money
  • Communication
  • Physical and Mental Abuse
  • Earning Difference
  • Physical Looks
  • Constant humiliation before others
  • EGO
  • Family problems
  • Constant Nagging
  • Addiction
  • Infertility

So, People with such issues plus Low Vasopressin along with long allele of Dopamin receptor are more likely to cheat. They will not feel bad about cheating!

Effects of Vasopressin and other is same on Male and Female. It is noted that females cheat less that men. This is because from starting day of life they are thought to be caring, loving, faithful, control your desire, control your emotions, maintain image.

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