Festive season is around the corner and it’s time to look hot and beautiful. Let your eyes speak! So you beautiful ladies out there, flaunt this festive season with your best attire. Ohh NO! NO!! Flaunt with your best eye make-up and create your own style statement this year.

If you do not want to do too much make-up then, wearing eye-liner will create the required drama for you. Select your eyeliner wisely. There are three options available in the market- Gel, Pencil, and Liquid eyeliner.

Let’s check out the hottest and trendiest eyeliner looks you can wear for this festive season.

Trendiest Eyeliner Looks

The Double Eyeliner
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For those who want to make a sassy statement with a double eyeliner. It is the trendiest of all the eyeliner shapes. To add more drama to your eyes, you can do the double winged eyeliner in different colors like black and gold, or black and metallic blue, etc depending on your color of the attire. The highlight of this style is that the two strokes of the eyeliner are close but they do not touch each other at the outer corner of the eyelid. Use a gel liner for this style to have a smooth and stunning finish.

Play With Gold
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Doll up the eyes with golden eyeliner. It can make your eyes stand out in a simple shimmery way. The golden flick will definitely make a perfect jewel wear on your face.

A Double Shimmery Strokes
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The dual shade style is popular these days, especially for the ethnic look. To add definition to your eyes, draw a regular stroke of eye-liner along your lash line. Then add a slight stroke at the outer end. Then, with contrasting colored eyeliner draw a delicate line along the border of the eyeliner. To do the double flick, it is always better to start from the center of the eyelid and apply the eyeliner to the outer end.

Play with colors. Create your style statement with the colored eyeliners to look hot this festive season. Combine the colored hues with black bold eyeliners for extra drama. The festive season is all about glitter and shimmer.

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