Get that Salon Glow at Home with a Super-Quick Clean-up!

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Admit it, between handling rude bosses and changing diapers to full-time cooking or studying all week, women of all ages hardly have any time left to pamper themselves. Some days we can’t find enough time to even wash our face let alone going to a salon to get the much-needed facial. Result? Those dark circles, patches, boils, blackheads and what not!

Never mind going to a salon, if you could dedicate just half an hour to your skin, we have it all sorted for you. This quick clean up routine is just the saviour you have been waiting for. All the ingredients you need will be right there on your kitchen shelves. While you get ready to try this out, here’s our clean up procedure!


First step is to get rid of those layers of dirt with proper cleansing. The internet could give you many hacks, but we suggest a pack of honey and lemon juice. You could also use cold milk with a pinch of salt to cleanse your skin. Both these packs help to naturally clean your dirt layers off the face.

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Trust us girls, we cannot assure you enough about the benefits of exposing your skin to steam. Steaming not only opens up the pores, it also rejuvenates your skin and brings about a natural glow that is hard to ignore. Steam your skin for about five minutes, adjusting the heat to the sensitivity of your skin type.

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This stage is one where you can experiment or go ahead with any of your trusted face packs. We suggest that you go for a mix of multani mitti with rose water. Apply it evenly on your face and neck, leave it to dry and rinse it off. This is a simple pack that has unbelievable benefits.

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You are definitely going to feel the difference by this stage. For a final touch up, use a toner to firm up your face and close the pores. You can use a ready-made toner or even make one at home. Cucumber juice and rose water blend perfectly to give you the perfect toner.

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Follow this beauty regime once every week and you are definitely going to feel the difference real soon.

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